Can you believe February is over already? How can it nearly be March already? We’ve had a hectic month with school and all the afternoon activities. I love doing these Instagram Round Up posts because it also gives me a chance to reflect on what’s been going on in our lives this past month.

Adjusting to Grade One has been a bit tough, but I’m super proud of my little girl. She’s doing so well. Me, on the other hand – maybe not so well. You can read about it in my post from yesterday about How To Tell If You Are A Grade One Mom

On with the round-up of the most liked and engaged posts from my Instagram over the last month.

No. 5: Throwback Thursday – Elephant Interaction

That time when a 6 month pregnant me went with my parents to celebrate my mom’s birthday at Pamuzinda Lodge near Selous. We were still living in Zimbabwe then, and my eldest wasn’t even two years old. She was sick with a cold, but we had an awesome day. At the moment this photo was being taken I can clearly remember thinking to myself – if this elephant has a change of heart, how the hell am I going to run with this huge belly and this child on my hip?

No. 4: My Not-So-Perfect Parenting Moment

You guys seemed to love this picture. I had above average comments on it, and it just goes to show that my lovely readers love and respect the more human and real side of parenting. We’d had a busy day, and the girls were tired. I didn’t have the time or inclination to cook a three course meal for my family so I made them two-minute-noddles and I let them watch Minions whilst eating their dinner. I know everyone always says “Happy wife, happy life”, but in my house, on some days, it’s more a case of “Happy kids, Happy mom!”. It’s called ‘balance’. We can’t be perfect all the time. lol

No. 3: Marriage

This is the quote I attached to my Saturday gratitude Check-In where I confessed my gratitude for my husband.

Funny story. So, my husband is signed up to receive an email every time I publish a new post. However, he doesn’t really comment on anything. I was a little hurt when he didn’t even mention my gushy lovey post just for him, but I didn’t say anything. Fast forward to the following week and my next gratitude post came out where I was grateful for choice. He was sitting on the sofa reading it and I was busy doing some other blog admin stuff at my desk behind him. He turns to me, and says, “Why don’t you do a post about how wonderful your husband is?”

You know that feeling when you want to punch someone right in the face … I’m just going to leave it right there!

Needless to say, he went back and read the previous post! It makes this quote even more meaningful and special, doesn’t it? MEN!

No. 2: Bakers Man!

The pre-school where my youngest goes has started a new weekly fundraising initiative. Each child takes it in turns to bake something and then bring it to school on a Friday. That day they get to be ‘The Baker’ and they sell their baked goods to their classmates for R5.00 each. The money goes back to the school as part of their fundraising initiative. It’s really sweet. The Baker gets to wear a special bakers apron and tall hat. They love it.

Anyway, these are the cupcakes that we baked for her. When I say ‘we baked’ – what I really mean is that I bought the cupcakes at the shops, then defrosted leftover icing from pervious baking attempts, and then she did all the decorating with smarties etc. I’m no masterchef, that’s for sure! She decorated them herself and I think her decorating skills are super good!

No. 1: My Snake Catcher!

This might be my favourite moment from this term. My eldest had to dress up as any professional and her professional aspiration in life is to be a Snake Catcher. She had very definite ideas on how a Snake Catcher must look. From the logo design on the pocket of her t-shirt, to the tattoo sleeves. I even went and bought her a few rubber snakes and got her a snake catching hook and bag.

Her whole outfit was as unique and awesome as she is herself! I love this child.

And that concludes my February Instagram Round Up. I am also doing a happy dance because my Instagram following has grown quite significantly over the past month, so thank you to everyone who is following me.

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