My girls love plasters! Love them! My youngest is actually bordering on having haemophobia so I never run out of them. Never!! I’m not exaggerating here.

I, however, am fast running out of excuses, plasters, money to buy more plasters, patience, and wine! I am also sick of the same few plaster prints out there. Even the girls are bored of the same old cartoon characters available in the local stores.

That got me thinking, if I could design my own version of plasters, what would they say? Well, below is a selection of the ‘PC’ version of my imaginary plasters. I call this range:

“If Moms Designed Plasters”

There isn’t even any blood, I just can’t take the whining anymore!


How on earth do I wrap this giant plaster around this tiny finger?


No Blood! No Plaster!


Oh shit! I hope this stops bleeding soon!


I can’t actually see anything, but you can have ALL the plasters if you can just stop crying and let me drink my wine in peace!


I’m in the process of patenting this concept and idea so please don’t go out and knick my genius idea!?! That would be super uncool! Anyway … let me know what you think? If you have any other great designs you’d like to see, I’d love to hear them and would definitely credit you.

*All background pictures taken from Pixabay.

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