Rhinos are one of the most iconic animals of the African continent. These amazing creatures are on the verge of extinction. I know we all hear about it in the media and most of us in the civilised world realise that they are being savagely poached in the cruelest way for absolutely nothing. Their horns have no ‘magic powers’ people! None! The only living creature who needs a Rhino Horn, is the Rhino itself!

For those of you who don’t know, Friday 22nd of September is World Rhino Day. 

In honour of this, the lovely people at Prima Toys are releasing 20 000 Rhino Coin Banks into toy retailers across South Africa.

For every one of these cute, cuddly and soft toy ‘piggy banks’ purchased, Prima Toys will be donating R10 to Wildlife ACT.

Who Are They?

Wildlife ACT are a team of conservationists who focus their efforts on saving endangered species from extinction.

Why are they doing this?

“Prima Toys hopes to raise awareness of the plight of rhinos among younger generations, and have guaranteed a contribution of R200 000 to this very worthy cause,” said Chiquita Patrizi, Marketing Executive at Prima Toys.

There’s more …

You can opt to donate all the money saved in your Rhino Coin Bank to Wildlife ACT through the ‘Donations’ portal on https://www.givengain.com/cc/primatoys/. Prima Toys will in turn donate 10 x Toy Hamper prizes in a ‘Lucky Draw’ competition to five boys and five girls who make a donation through the GivenGain website.

What will your contribution achieve?

All funds raised will go towards:

  • sponsoring the teams that are sent out to find and rescue the orphaned rhinos in the wild
  • the formula (milk) and feed needed to sustain the baby rhinos
  • the upgrade of security at the bomas where these, often traumatised orphans are held in an effort to keep them alive and safe.

John Maree from Wildlife ACT says that “Despite a small drop in poaching numbers announced by the Department Environmental Affairs recently, our rhinos are still under threat. Not only do we need to keep up the fight against poaching, we desperately need to ensure that the baby rhinos that are orphaned as a result, are rescued and adequately cared for. Without their mothers, orphaned rhinos would sadly die without our assistance.”

Please click on the link below to be taken directly to the Wildlife ACT website page dedicated to the World Rhino Day campaign where you can read more about the objectives of this campaign and to watch a video that will inspire you. These magnificent creatures need to be saved, protected and helped.

Wildlife ACT: World Rhino Day Campaign.

I don’t want to imagine an Africa, or a world without Rhinos. We have to help those who dedicate their lives to actually doing something about this, putting their lives at risk, and affecting the change we all desperately will them to do. We all need to do our bit to save our rhinos.

Thank you.