Life has been so busy and so hectic the past few months that I completely missed doing my Instagram RoundUp post at the end of April, and now it’s already the end of May. What happened? The days are going by so quickly now. In a months time I will be waking up in my new home in the UK. I am trying not to think about it too much because then I might start to panic thinking about everything I need to do between now and then.

The last Instagram RoundUp I did was at the end of March. Instead of doing five per month and making this a really long post, I am just going to do the top three for April and the top three for May. So that’s the most liked posts for each month. So here goes … 

April Instagram Top 3

3. Baking Day.

One of the things my girls love to do is baking. Unfortunately I am not the world’s best cook or baker so I tend to stick to foolproof recipes when it comes to baking. A couple of years ago I found an easy peesy – delicious Banana Muffin recipe. Perfect every time!


2. Toy Kingdom – Girl Moms Meetup

This was our #GirlMomsMeetUp mommy bloggers group photo at the pre-event outside Toy Kingdom. I’m sure you’ve all read about it by now, but it was such a fun day! These ladies are some of my dearest friends, and I guess you could call them colleagues as well, although I prefer to think of them as my blogger tribe!

1. Me on the throne – the queen that I am!

Also from the #GirlMomsMeetUp event at Toy Kingdom. This is one of those photos where you feel quite self-conscious (crinkly nose, am I laughing too much, do I look like an idiot?). But when you really look at it, you can tell just how happy I was and how much fun I was having. And then I realise that I don’t care about how I look, because thanks to this photo, I will always remember how much fun I was having!


May Instagram Top 3

3. My love letter from my daughter.

I posted this photo yesterday and it’s already made the top 3 for the month. I have had a tough week, and I know I haven’t been the best mom. More than is fair screaming at the girls, I was sick, and it was basically just a little on the #badmom side of the scale. I sat down to do some work yesterday morning and found that my eldest had written this little note in my book. My heart melted. And I felt like an even worse mother. But I know that she knows I love her too. We can’t all be perfect, but these little perfect moments make motherhood more than worth it.


2. Brilliant Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Brilliant Blogger Award by the lovely Annette from 3 Little Buttons. You can check out the post I did in return and find out who I nominated for the Brilliant Blogger Award in paying it forward!

1. #GirlMomsMeetUp

I’m kinda feeling like I’m spamming this post with all the #GirlMomsMeetUp pictures and posts, but clearly the love and popularity of the event has spilled over into my Instagram. This picture is from the post I did thanking all the lovely bloggers, sponsors and supporters of our day! I can’t wait to do it again. Sadly, I won’t be here in SA for the next one, but I hope to be able to collaborate on the planning from across the sea. These ladies are going to do amazing things!

And that’s that.

June will be my last month in South Africa before my family and I relocate to the UK. That is sure to be an Instagram worthy trip so make sure you’re following my InstaStories to follow my journey. I’m using the hashtag #makingmoves on any posts related to our relocation so check it out to find out what we’re up to.

I hope you enjoyed my slightly delayed Instagram RoundUp for April and May.

Shank You Very Much


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