Have you ever considered doing a Kids Profile Test on your child? I hadn’t.

I mean, she’s MY child; no one can possibly know her better than I do, right?

I’m her mom. There’s nothing I don’t know about her.

How can a few questions by a stranger or computer possibly profile MY child better than I can?


I first had the privilege of learning about Tall Trees Training after I went to the #JoziMeetup in August last year. The ladies from Tall Trees were guest speakers at the event and talked about their profiling business which can help us as parents specifically to understand more about ourselves, and our approach to parenting.

I have to be honest, I thought a lot about it, but I never took up their voucher offer to profile myself. In the back of my mind I have always wanted to metaphorically kick myself for that, but then time moved on and I kinda forgot about it.

Roll forward to April this year and we were busy planning our #GirlMomsMeetUp. As I’ve said before, the day was all about “what’s out there that relates specifically to older kids” and “what’s new on the market that would be useful to us as moms and good for the girls”.

Tall Trees were one of the organisations who contacted us asking to be part of our day. Unfortunately our agenda was so jam-packed that we weren’t able to offer them the opportunity to speak to us to present their new product but they did provide us all with a Gift Voucher.


The Kids Profile Test

Their new product is the Kids Profile Test.

The ‘test’ is capable of having the input from 4 different people, nominated by you. So ideally, you (the parent), plus the child (with your unprompted assistance), and two other adults of your choosing. It’s very simple, you just add the email address of the other people whose input you value, and they are sent a link to complete the test.

The test itself consists of 18 questions. You do require high-speed internet in order to play the test as each question is in the form of a short video.

Each video question plays out a scenario. It then gives you the choice of choosing which reaction to the scenario your child most identifies with. It’s important to answer honestly, and to remember that there is no wrong answer.

The Results To Expect

After completing the test, the results are available immediately on your screen.

The results of the Kids Profile Test are set up to provide you with results which provide you with tips to:

  • develop your child’s potential
  • help your child develop leadership traits
  • make sure your child feels accepted and celebrated
  • protect your child from unnecessary stress
  • adapt how you listen and speak to your child
  • discipline in a way that suits your child’s design.

The only thing that I wish I could have had that isn’t available at the moment is for the results to be sent to me in a PDF document via email, or downloaded there and then. At this stage the results are only available on-screen. When I requested a report the Tall Trees office did assure me that they were working on this feature, but that it is not yet available.

What Did I Take Away From It?

I chose to do the test on my eldest daughter. She has always been a sensitive soul with a fiery spirit. She struggles with anxiety, sensory issues, and is a very complex little girl who has had to deal with a lot of change in her little life. Grade One has been an adjustment for all of us, and despite her struggles she has excelled for which I am very grateful.

As I said above, the results give you out what you put in. You know your child, you know what makes them tick, you can anticipate their reactions.

What this test did though was to provide me with a set of results that put all the things I know about her into a nice, neat concise format that makes understanding her just a bit easier and clearer. Nothing they said was new information to me, but the way it was presented … let’s just say that when I finished reading the report I let out a sigh of relief and said out loud to myself, “Wow.”.

How Will I Use This Information?

Parenting our children in a modern world is very different to when we were kids. Every little bit of help and advice we can get we should embrace. I ended up printing off the screen shots of the report and have scanned it into a pdf report for myself which I will keep handy on my phone to refer to when I think I need to.

Thank you to Tall Trees for this experience. It has opened my eyes and helped me see things a bit more clearly.

If you are interested in doing the Kids Profile Test, it is available online via the Tall Trees website.

The Kids Profile Test costs R150.00, which is roughly £13.82 or $10.00.  As this is an online facility it is available worldwide.

Disclaimer: I received a voucher to complete this Kids Profile Test in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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