Well I am a bit late getting this post out this weekend. I blame my husband and step-daughter who is out from the UK for her summer holidays. Having them both home all week has been awesome, but I also feel like I’m on holiday.

We’ve been busy doing things as a family in the afternoons and evenings when the girls are finished school. In fact, just getting my youngest to go to school has been a trial, she suffers massively from FOMO and we’ve had a few tantrums at the classroom door this week! #givemestrength. As you will see, even my instagram has been a bit slow this week, but nevertheless, let’s get this show on the road. 

No. 5: This is the header image from my post about My Cloak Of Invisibility – I’m sure all us mothers feel invisible sometimes, stuff just happens around the house, as if by magic! Don’t worry, it’s not an “I feel sorry for myself” post. In fact, it’s quite funny if I do say so myself. I’m not sure this picture actually suited the tone of the post but it’s pretty anyway. #musttryhardernexttime


No. 4: Wednesday was Women’s Day and in South Africa they make it a public holiday. Being a sucker for Maya Angelou’s quotes, I created this pic (using Canva) as the header image for the post I did. I’d have given anything to spend Women’s Day with all the incredible women in my family: To My Women on Women’s Day


No. 3: My Friday post – we had so much planned for this weekend, I just wanted to get one cheeky weekend picture out. I’m also trying to grow my new Facebook page so I created this pic (using Canva again) which I was hoping would be easy to share *Hint Hint*  #shamelessbegging


No. 2: We went to our local nursery one afternoon this week and ordered milkshakes at the little restaurant – awesome place. I snapped this pic – the strawberry was mine, and the chocolate was my husband’s – his and her’s milkshakes. #qualityfamilytime


No.1: On Thursday evening we had friends come round for a quick hello and to meet my step-daughter. My friend only drinks champagne, so I scratched in the back of our liquor cabinet and found one. I have no clue where it came from or how long it’s been there but we popped it anyway. I left the cork on the kitchen counter and the next morning my youngest found it and asked, “Mommy, is this a real mushroom?” haha … I am not sure if I was more upset that she thought it was actual food (she does actually love and eat real mushrooms), or that she didn’t know that it was a champagne cork. lol Clearly I need to expose my girls to a little but more ‘culcha’. #afewlessscrewtops


So that’s been my week. Yesterday we went to Bloemfontein Foodie market. I was officially inducted into my husband’s ‘bike gang’ with my leather cut-off and all! I am now officially a #bikerchick. I didn’t get any pics though because instead of riding with him on the bike he took my step-daughter instead whilst I drove in the car with the brats in it. BIG MISTAKE – he has now managed to ensure his daughter loves motorbikes! She’s nearly 14 … scary thought! #nooneisassafeasdad

We had a lovely day, but towing a bike trailer to a bike rally is not as fun as going on the bike. *sigh* #momlife

The WORST part of being the driver (apart from not drinking), is that I can’t snap pictures every two minutes with my phone. Being responsible sucks sometimes! lol

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all. We’re off to the local game park for a sunday lunch.

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