How I Keep My Family Under Control!

As is customary in my house, the TV is on whilst I’m preparing the school lunch boxes and feeding the girls their breakfast before school.

We have an open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area so I keep the TV remote control handy and use it like a weapon whistle. 

Me: “Eat your breakfast”

Them: ….

Me: *pauses the TV*

Them: “Heeeyyy”

Me: “Eat your breakfast”

Them: *eats their breakfast*

This also works for “get dressed”, “put your shoes on” and “let’s brush your hair”.

Judge me all you like, but this is how my family operates … with a remote control! lol

A Day In The Life

This morning’s programme was Goldie & Bear. One of my favourite cartoons actually, I think it’s really sweet, with great moral messages and great tunes! This episode involved Goldie being dusted over with invisibility dust and all that was visible to Bear and the other fairytale creatures was her hair bow. So cute. You can watch the “Invisible Tango” video here.

It got me thinking about how invisible I am to my fairytale creatures *dripping sarcasm*. Seriously!

Here are a few ways that I wear my cloak of invisibility as a mother:

  • the dirty dishes magically just get washed and put away
  • the wet towels magically get picked up off the floor and hung up on the towel rails to dry.
  • dirty clothes magically get picked up off the floor and put in the hamper, and then they reappear clean and dry and folded in the cupboards!
  • food just magically appears at mealtimes … sometimes it’s the wrong order, but it is there!

Sometimes my cloak of invisibility does not work under the following situations:

  • when anyone can’t find anything … it doesn’t work
  • when I need to have a shower … it doesn’t work
  • when I sit down for approximately ten seconds after doing my invisible chores in the above list … it doesn’t work
  • when I need to use the loo … it doesn’t work

Maybe it’s faulty … does anyone know where I can get a new one? An upgrade? One that maybe allows me to be able to turn it on and turn it off when I want to, like when I’m eating their candy. I don’t really ask for much! lol