It’s time for the first InstaRoundUp of 2018! If you were following my blog last year you will be familiar with these, but the idea is to give you some more personal insight into the Top 5 most liked pictures from my Instagram account. I used to do this fortnightly but for this year I plan to only do them at the end of every month.

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

No. 5: I Don’t Diet!

I’m in a small but VERY active WhatsApp Group Chat with a few other girls – I won’t mention any names right now, you know who you are! Anyway, they were all talking about some new diet or detox, or whatever it is they were planning! So I decided that I was ‘out’ and posted this picture instead which shows me working at my desk with a cup of coffee and an entire jar of biscuits. The funny thing is that by the time I’d finished publishing the photo and fending off the vicious attacks (hungry girls are mean girls) from my ‘friends’, the coffee was cold and I hadn’t eaten any of the biscuits! lol Love you ladies really!

No. 4: The View From My Desk

I’m surprised that this one made the Top 5 over some of the others, but then it is a stunning view. Normally I work behind my desk which is stuck in the corner of the dining room, but on this day I decided to take my laptop outside for some fresh air. It was worth it, change of scenery and all that!

No. 3: WineWednesday Quote!

As always, one of my WineWednesday quotes has made the top 5! This one really made me giggle. To be honest, I have never had wine in the bath, or shower! Maybe that should be the ‘new thing I do today’! Yes, I’m a Friends fan. Share this post if you got that!

No. 2: STABILO BOSS Pastel Range Giveaway!

I’m running a Giveaway on Facebook for two STABILO BOSS pastel range hampers. The competition ends today (Wednesday 31 January) so if you haven’t already entered head over to my Facebook Page and enter. The post did really well. I’ve found that advertising Giveaways on a certain Social Media Platform on the other social media platforms does very well! Thanks to everyone who entered! Check back tomorrow for the winners!

No. 1: I’m A Swim Mom!

My eldest daughter had her first ever gala race! I was the proudest mom! She came first in her heat and second overall! The build up to the actual day was huge. The competition is fierce, probably more so for some of us super competitive parents. I do try to temper my desire for her to win when I’m talking to her about it. I do really just want her to enjoy herself and do her best. Deep down though I was just so proud! It really did make all those hours of sitting by the pool, driving them to and from lessons so very worth it!

I hope you enjoyed the first InstaRoundUp of 2018. I’m planning to get an Newsletter out this week too, my first ever, so please do sign up for that!

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One Messy Mama