I’m starting a new weekend series where every Saturday I will recognize one thing I am grateful for! The Saturday Gratitude Check-In series will run every weekend and I hope you will all join in, in your own way so that we can all share something we are grateful for.

Today I am grateful for early morning cuddles with my girls.

As parents we often just want and need a few more minutes of sleep, especially on a Saturday morning after a hectic week.The reality is that this is not what happens. Children who struggle to get up for school for five days a week will almost, without fail, wake up half an hour earlier on a Saturday than on a week day. It’s just how it is.

With this gratitude series in mind, today I am grateful for this early morning wake-up call because I know that my girls love me and I know that I am blessed beyond measure.

What are you grateful for?

How To Take Part

If you’d like to take part in this series then publish your own Saturday Gratitude Check-In and link your post to this one. Next Saturday I will return the love by linking back to your posts from this week.

You can see where I linked this post to my Facebook & Instagram pages and if you don’t want to write a whole post you can join in on whichever social media platform you prefer.

To join in on social media use the hashtag #saturdaygratitude2018

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