The girls often ask me this simple questions, “Mommy, what’s your favourite thing in the world?”

My answer to either of them is always, the same, “You are, you and your sister.”

Cue – rolling of their eyes.

“Nooo mooom, your favorite toy? Duh?” 

It’s either that or, “Who do you love the most?”

And to that I always reply, “I don’t have a favourite.”


Today we were wandering around the supermarket aisles. Actually, I was attempting to grocery shop while they literally ran circles around me, up and down the aisle, terrifying pensioners!

They were going on and on about what toys they want for Christmas and what theme they want for their next birthday party. I think the general theme was My Little Pony, or PJ Masks, or Hello Kitty. Seriously, I’m pretty sure they are commitment phobic!

Then the youngest turns to the eldest and says, “J…, what’s your favorite thing in the whole world?”

The eldest looks at me and says, “You are mommy!”

So the youngest, not to be outdone says, “My favorite is daddy!”

Well played girls, well played!

In case you were wondering, yes, they each got a sweet!

Yes, they are both mommy’s favourite.