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This week has seen the media blow-up over Trump ‘the pig”s most incorrigible behaviour and language about women, as well as his confession about sexual assault! 

My personal take on this is “I am terrified”! 

Terrified that my daughters will grow up in a political society that is attempting to ‘sweep this under the carpet’ as they are. 

He should be denounced by ALL the Republicans, and Humans of  this planet! 

The twitter campaign started by Canadian Kelly Oxford has gone viral. 

Women all over the world tweeting their first sexual assault experience is painful to me. Awful. Terrifying. As oa human, and as a mom of two little girls. 

If the stats are right, my eldest has less than 6 years to go before she is victimized! What???!!! 

From what I  read most people experienced their first assault in their very early teens, some even earlier – 10, 12!! This is terrifying for a mother of two little girls! 

How do I keep my little girls safe from this? What can I do? Is there anything? Should I arm them? Teach them self-defense? Discourage them from being too pretty, too beautiful, too vulnerable, too needy?

I don’t want to scare them off from the male sex forever. There are so many good men out there. Their father. Their grandfathers? How do I teach the the difference?

 The behaviour exhibited by trump is NOT OK! Neither is the behaviour by his supporters or those covering it up, sweeping it under the carpet or legitimizing it, okay! 

I watched a video on facebook today – “what if Trump were black?” Now, for the record, I am totally against racial distinction, but this guy had a point! Please watch it! Sexual assault is not okay! 

Van Jones 

What Trump did is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I don’t even care to find out what his stand is on economic or political points. I’m not American. I don’t really care. Do your own hole. Africans have their own sh*t to deal with.

But, I am a woman, a mother of humans, and a human myself. He and his ilk, his kind, and his supporters are not! 

He does not deserve to be president of the USA! Not as president of anything!!!! That’s excluding his racist and ignoramous views on everything else … the world will survive without Trump as leader of America. 

But, if he is elected – then a person like this will become a role-model! Then I truly will pray for the safety of all women and humans less capable of standing up for themselves! 

Sadly, it’s not just in America, and it’s not just Trump! 

Don’t even get me started on the UK’s coverup of sexual exploitation of children in care homes across the U.K. Why do all the investigators and lawyers keep quitting the enquiry? Disgraceful! 

And what about Jacob Zuma? Rape? Bathing after exposure to HIV? Seriously? He’s still in POWER?! Really!!! 

I pray my girls are never victims! I pray for them. But I also pray for their attackers, because hell will be a heaven for them compared to what I and their father will unleash on anyone who victimizes my children! 

This is not a threat. It’s a warning! It will happen!

When will the domination and victimization of those deemed to be inferior to ‘you’ end? When? How do we break the cycle?