Welcome to the third installment of my mini series, I Am More Than Just A Mommy Blogger. This is a five-part mini-series. Each week I will feature a different South African Mommy Blogger so that we can get to know what else she does with her life, other than just being a mommy blogger.

Last week we featured Kim from Muller Kids and this week I am so excited to be featuring Charlene from High Heels & Fairy Tales. Charlene blogs at High Heels And Fairy Tales, a parenting, travel, and lifestyle blog. She is a Stay-At-Home-Mom, homeschooling her little girl, and learning so much along the way.

Charlene and I have been blogging buddies for a while now, and Charlene actually featured me on her series “Meet The Mommy“. I love that the blogging community are so supportive of each other. It’s a great online community that I am proud to be a part of.

So, over to you Charlene – please tell us a bit more about you?

charlene-high-heels-and-fairy-tales-more-than-just-a-mommy-bloggerI’m the mom of an adorable eight year old ball of energy, and the wife of an amazing guy. My husband and I have been together for fourteen years. We’d been dating for a month when he proposed, and we got married a year later. Almost a decade and a half on and we still have loads of fun together. Zee arrived a few months after our fifth anniversary, and completed our family. She is the most incredible little person, and my most beautiful blessing (even when she is chatting incessantly, while I’m trying to focus on something, like typing this right now).
I love to travel. If finances weren’t an issue I’d want to spend all my time exploring this amazing planet. I love shoes, and in recent months the obsession has shifted from high heels to sneakers (time for a blog name change perhaps?). I’ve loved all things Disney, since before I became a mom, and I’m a Marvel fan too. I eat way too much sushi and when my mom makes roti, way too much of that too!

What’s a typical day in your home involve?

I’m a stay at home mom, and I’ve been homeschooling Zee since 2015. It isn’t always easy – there are days when there’s sighing, or grumpiness, or just school work being done in slow motion because she’d much rather be doing something fun. Also, the foundation phase (grades R to 3) these days comes with a lot more work than I remember us ever doing at that age. You do feel sorry for your little person when you see the heavy load of work they have to do; this means I have to be just as strict with myself as I am with her, to ensure we stay focused and in a good routine. My occasional anxiety over whether or not I’m actually doing an okay job is alleviated when I see just how nicely she’s progressing. Hearing her read confidently and beautifully is especially heartwarming. To think I had a small part to play in that (because let’s face it, it’s mostly due to the fact that she’s awesome) is really special.
When school’s done, I usually head to the kitchen to start my moaning and groaning session about how I have no idea what to cook… and how I’m so tired, and really feel like we should rather just get sushi. Only then do I realize that we had sushi the night before, so I guess I should probably cook something. I have someone help me with the housework twice a week, but the rest of the time I take care of things. There are ballet runs as well as time with Zee that doesn’t involve schoolwork. All of this means blogging usually happens late at night, IF I can manage to stay awake.

How did your blog start?

My blog actually started when Zee was a toddler. I had been entirely focused on breastfeeding, diapers, and nursery rhymes for so long, and I just wanted to do something “grown up”. I’ve always loved writing so a blog felt like a natural fit. Initially it was a bit of a style/fashion blog – sometimes outfit of the day posts; sometimes a funny round-up of what celebs wore to an event (think Fashion Police, only on a tiny blog scale). This wasn’t the direction I really wanted to go in though, so I took a long break. When I did start again, I knew I wanted to focus mainly on parenting and travel, but I also wanted to write about whatever I felt like on any given day. There was a day I felt really sad, but then inspired by my child, so I wrote about it. We ate amazing food, and of course I had to share my thoughts on all that yumminess. There were things that were funny, and again I wrote. Sometimes the posts were more about the photos, and the there weren’t too many words, but I shared those posts too. I found myself enjoying my blog again. I knew that the break and the fresh start had been exactly what I needed. There isn’t always time to write, and sometimes the writer’s block struggle is real, but I love having my little space online. I’m glad there are a few people out there who like it too.

Why I Love High Heels & Fairy Tales

If you aren’t already following High Heels & Fairy Tales, you really need to. This mommy blog is full of interesting stories about life with Zee. However, there is so much more to this blog. It including days out excursions, and dining out reviews. It’s a great mommy blog but is definitely worth checking out for the lifestyle and travel posts too. The YouTube reviews that Zee does are always a hit. I subscribed to her channel ages ago and whenever a review pops up whilst my girls are watching they start screaming “Mommy, it’s Zee, your friend from the blog.” I love it.
You are definitely more than just a mommy blogger my friend, but I’m proud to call you my mommy blogger friend too.
Don’t forget to check out Charlene’s blog on the following links!
Thanks for taking part my friend. See you soon. x
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