It’s nearly that time of year! Time to get your Christmas Shopping List ready! This post is my personal recommendation and guideline for the perfect christmas gifts for girls aged between 3 and 10 years old.

As a mom of two little girls who are 6 and 4 years old I sometimes struggle to get the right gifts for them. Don’t get me wrong. If I were to let them loose in a toy store I’m sure they would find loads that they suddenly need or want. However, the reality is that so much of it is either not worth the money, or simply too much money.

This list of the perfect christmas gifts for girls 2017, are all under R500.00. There are also various options to suit most budgets. 

So what do you get them?

As much as I try to deny it, my two little girls are no longer babies. A lot of the toys for under 3s don’t cut it, and there are a lot of those! On the other hand they are also a bit young for some of the more complex craft style toys. Either that or mommy can’t cope with glitter, glue or mess – see my gift guide from last year! The other thing is that  they are close enough in age that they share most of the same likes and interests. You’d think getting them stuff would be easy, but noooo! Either it’s too expensive for two of the same, or they must have exactly the same, or there will be a fight! I’m not kidding!

So where does that leave us?

Well I have put together a short list of the Top 5 Christmas Gifts for girls 2017.

Princess Elena of Avalor

Princess Elena of Avalor is a bold, confident and kind teenage girl, who, after being trapped inside Princess Sofia’s amulet for years and years, escapes to save the enchanted kingdom of Avalor from an evil sorceress. With the help of her self-appointed Grand Council of advisors and her magical flying creatures, she must now rule the kingdom as Crown Princess, until she is old enough to be Queen

There is a great range of Disney Princess Elena of Avalor toys on the market which will make awesome christmas gifts for girls. They will be able to completely immerse themselves in role play with the dolls, accessories, a sword and even the special sceptre of light!

Some of this range are on the pricey side in my personal opinion but there are some that are more affordable such as the Adventure Accessory set with a RRP of R199.99.

The Sceptre of Light has a RRP of R499.99.

Regal Academy

If you have a daughter who is aged between about 5 and 10 years old, chances are that you have heard of Regal Academy, otherwise this may be new to you. Regal Academy is a new TV series on Nickelodeon. The storyline chronicles the adventures of Rose Cinderella who is a new student at Regal Academy, a school founded by the great heroes that live in our favourite fairytales.

Fairytales and happy endings, the stuff that little girls’ dreams are made of right? There are two great Regal Academy toys for girls on the market just in time for Christmas.

27474 - REGAL PUMPKING MAGIC SCEPTERThe Regal Academy character dolls are perfect for girls aged five years and over. They will be able to create their own Regal Academy scenes with a range of character dolls including Rose Cinderella, Astoria Rapunzel and Joy LeFrog and unleash their very own play powers with the magic sceptre. The Regal Friends dolls each have a different look and personality and are dressed in a fun, casual style and come with a brush and a pair of colourful shoes. The RRP of each doll is R299.99.

Besides the dolls, there is the Magic Pumpkin Sceptre. A fun toy that can be used as a magic wand or for throwing a ball and catching it inside the pumpkin. RRP is also R299.99.

Regal Academy toys are ideal for girls aged five years and over.

L.O.L, Surprise Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls are definitely girl toys and were created especially for little girls who enjoy the thrill of being surprised, the Lil Outrageous Littlies (L.O.L.) are a range of dolls that are fun, cute and collectible. And there’s the magic word … ‘collectible’!

Each ball shaped container includes a surprise secret message sticker, a collectible sticker sheet, a water bottle charm, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory and finally the L.O.L. doll. Each doll has her own unique surprise too, she might cry, spit, tinkle or change colour! So it’s really a 7-in-one gift!



You can watch this unboxing video by Sasha from Prima Toys to find out a bit more.

There are a load more features for this teeny tiny product to rave about. But, here’s the best part: The Recommended Retail Price is only R199.99.

Mini Cupcake Surprise

Cupcakes and Dolls!!! Cupcakes and Dolls!!! Do I need to say more?

These mini Cupcake Surprise dolls transform from a colourfully decorated mini cupcake into an adorable mini collectible doll. There it is again, the magic word “collectible”. as you can see from the pictures, the cupcake case flips inside out to reveal the doll and magically transform into her skirt.

These little cuties are the perfect christmas gift for girls and are ideal for little girls from three years old and up.

The Recommended Retail Price is R49.99 (Bargain!!).

Shopkins Season 8: World Vacation Collectibles!

I have saved the best till last! Without a doubt, this is at the top of my girls toy christmas list! Shopkins World Vacation! I’m not sure if boys are as obsessed with Shopkins as girls are, but I really don’t see why they wouldn’t be. Shopkins are a great collectible range and are clearly a huge hit world-wide as this is their Season 8 release!

I don’t even know how my two savvy little madams heard about them to be honest. One minute I thought I knew everything they wanted. And the next thing went into a blogger’s meeting for four hours, came out and all I heard for the three-hour drive home was

“Shopkins World Tour, Season 8 is out now! Please can I have them for my birthday, please mom – maybe from your blob?”

I suspect either daddy took them on a shopping trip to a toy store, or it’s from YouTube videos.

The new Season 8 range have new Shoppies characters inspired by Europe, Asia and the Americas. World Vacation will take you to far-off lands, exciting places and will have you experiencing new cultures!

The Shopkins Season 8: World Vacation products are available in various pack sizes, amazing themed playsets and more!

Now, feeding their collectible habit can be very expensive. However, the 12 piece pack is going for about R199.99 – value for money if you ask me!

Now be honest – which of those would you want?

I know for a fact that my girls would want these exact toys for Christmas this year. What they don’t realise is the lovely people at Prima Toys have sent them each a few of these already. I’m really don’t think they deserve them just yet because their behaviour leaves a bit to be desired. So I have put them away for Christmas. They really are going to be getting the best Christmas gifts for girls … if they behave!

All toys on this list are available at toy stores and retailers countrywide. For more information, go to: