It’s time for what will most likely be my last InstaRoundUp for 2017. I intend to spend the next few weeks enjoying spending time with my family. Blogging is hard work, time-consuming and continuous and I think we can all afford to give ourselves a break every now and then.

Now, let’s be honest, I’m a blogaddict so I’m not going to completely disappear off-line, but I’m definitely going to ‘chill’ for a bit.

The last of these RoundUps was done in November, and December has been so hectic already and we’re only just over half way through. On to the roundup where I provide a little more insight behind the top 5 most liked and popular posts from my Instagram account over the past 20 days: 

No. 5:

A pic of myself with two of my fellow bloggers who I am also proud to call my friends: Jacqui from OneMessyMama and Jennette from WhiskyOfTheWeek. We first met online via the #globalblogging linky that Jacqui ran when she was still living in the US. Now she’s back and we had the privilege of meeting IRL at a recent social. Jeanette, myself and another blogging friend of ours, Charlene from HighHeels&FairyTales are launching the #LekkerLinky – a linky for South African bloggers on Monday 18/12. Thanks Jacqui for inspiring us. #sabloggerscafe

No. 4

These are the hugest strawberries I’d ever seen. I bought them from a local convenience store near where I live and I had to take a photo as evidence. The teaspoon in the picture is just a normal spoon and I was trying to demonstrate the actual size of the strawberries.

No. 3

This is the chocolate cake I baked with my girls this week. I am not a fan of baking. My anxiety kicks and, there’s always such a huge mess and a fight over who gets to lick the bowl. But despite all of this, they love it so I do it. It’s also super yummy.

No. 2

My husband sent me this ‘funny’ quote. I wasn’t really sure of what he was trying to tell me. We didn’t discuss it. Some things don’t require a conversation! lol #marriage!

No. 1

Nerf Guns & accessories. I ran my first every Giveaway on Instagram this week and the response I got was HUGE!!! I have learnt a number of lessons from it, the biggest is that Nerf is a hugely popular brand, not just for boys, but for girls too. If that doesn’t blow the ‘gender neutral’ argument out the water, I don’t know what will. The point being that girls can like boys toys, and boys can like girls toys, despite the world marketing them specifically for one of the other! Love it! Hopefully the prize will get to the winner before Christmas!

So with all that said and done, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and pray that everyone travelling this festive season will be safe on the roads.

For a bit of added festive spirit, please do check out the Christmas Tradition series I ran over the last couple of weeks so you can have a sneak peek behind the scenes to how different people celebrate over the festive season: