What’s in your #ChristmasStocking?

It’s all about the quick-fire questions in this fun festive tag so go with the flow and jot down what pops into your head. Ready, steady, jingle!

1. Who’s behind the gathering of Christmas stocking treats – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas? 

He pays, I do everything else.

2. Traditional stocking or giant sack? 

Traditional stocking.

3. Christmas stockings for everyone or only those who believe?

Just the kids.

4. Cheap as chips or a big festive splurge?

Cheap as chips: It’s all about quantity, NOT quality, in the stocking!

5. Themed goodies or a pick-a-mix stocking of treasure?

Mixed, and whatever I can stuff in there that costs next to nothing, but will keep them busy long enough to drink my coffee whilst it’s still hot.

6. Real orange or chocolate orange?

Gross! I lived in York, the home of Chocolate Orange, but it’s still gross! I think I can even still smell it in my mind!

7. Christmas ‘stick to your teeth’ candy or Santa’s ‘special’ healthy snacks?

Nothing healthy comes near me on Christmas day. Even my vegetables get doused in unhealthy things!

8. Chocolate coins or sugared mice?

Chocolate Coins – sugared mice is something I must have missed!

9. Latest trends or traditional wooden puzzles?

Whatever fits in the stocking!

10. Each item carefully wrapped in authentic looking wrapping paper or Santa just threw it all in?

Santa stuffed it in there!

11. Stockings hung with care by the fireplace or end of the bed?

They hang on the coat hooks – the only hanging place in the front part of the house!

12. Who fills the stocking – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas?

Me, I do it all. Mama Christmas.

13. Filled to the brim and overflowing or perfectly neat?

Filled enough to make it worthwhile, but not so full that it pulls the hook out the wall  …

14. What do you leave Santa – a glass of milk or something stronger for the road?

Rudolph gets a glass of milk and a carrot, Santa gets a beer and some cookies.

Share your favourite Christmas tip of all time…

Note to self – Embrace the chaos. Put aside all your controlling rules and mess-hating anxieties, and just chill!

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