Welcome back to my slightly-late weekly round-up where I use the top 5 most liked pictures from my Instagram account over the past week as a prompt for a review of my week.

It’s been a pretty rough week. On Monday I took the girls to the pharmacist as they were both getting colds – cue Round 1 of medication. By Wednesday my eldest was a lot worse so we went to the GP – cue Round 2 of medication. By Friday I was super stressed about her as she was getting worse, not better. My GP referred her to a Paediatrician who diagnosed her with Sinusitis, Bronchitis and Tonsillitis. Cue Round 3 of medication (thank goodness for medical aid!). Poor child was really not great and was struggling with a very high fever of over 39.8 for 3 nights in a row. 

In at No. 5 is my somewhat exhausted saggy eye’d half selfie pic of me with my favourite FREE monthly magazine – Fresh Living, from Pick’nPay. It’s Free for all who sign up for their Smart Shopper rewards programme and it’s packed with recipes, travel, lifestyle, competitions and is really just an all round great magazine. That crater between my eyebrows really is getting deeper. #momlife #middleage


No. 4 is my picture from last Sunday. It was a cold day, but we were loving the warm afternoon sun. This picture basically epitomises my life as a mom of girls as it includes one of my daughters, pizza, juice, shopkins collectibles, a mermaid doll, my favourite Adidas trainers, and an empty wine glass … ’nuff said really.


No. 3 is the cover picture from my blog post that I published on Monday – How To Be A Good Blogger. The post has been very popular, which surprised me because I did write it in about half an hour and I think I actually spent longer looking for a picture I liked enough to use as a featured image than I did writing it. Thanks for the love everyone.


No. 2 is from Tuesday – showing the medicine the girls were supposed to take. I was surprised by how much they needed at the time. Little did I realise that it would actually triple, by the end of the week, due to 3 nights in a row of my eldest’s temperature being over 39.8 most of every night. The wine was for me. Just because.


No. 1 is from Monday afternoon. My youngest got some nail varnish for her birthday the Friday before. She’d promptly lost it straight after opening it, which really did have nothing to do with me. Unfortunately she ‘found’ it on Monday after school and they decided to paint their nails whilst mommy was busy working in her office. I came out to find that not only had they painted their toe nails, finger nails, toes, fingers, clothing and my verandah, but also their arms?!?! Why? You lot really loved this pic though, so thanks for all the love – surely a fine example of #momofgirls


Thankfully my eldest has improved greatly today and whilst she is still sick, pale and not really eating, her spirits are greatly improved and her temperature has stayed down for over 24 hours now. Thank goodness. Thank Doctors. Thank medicine!  I’m feeling very grateful and very thankful.

I am feeling particularly shattered tonight though and looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow – I may not even get out of my PJs all day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

One Messy Mama