This week has definitely been a better one than last week. My girls are both much better and they made it through the last four days of school! Just! We are now officially on holiday – wish us luck!

Let’s crack on and get through my weekly review using my most liked top 5 Instagram pics from the last week:

No 5: Yesterday, the last full day of the 2nd school term was the day my daughter’s class celebrated her sixth birthday. Her real birthday is only next week, so I still have a few days left before she’s officially six! SIX!!! When did that happen? These are the cupcakes for her class party. So pretty. (Yes, they’re the same kind as the ones her sister had 2 weeks ago.) Still yummy!

No. 4: #ThrowbackThursday saw me sharing a picture from this time last year. My husband, kids and I were on a no-plans, no bookings, no schedule road-trip from the Free State, through the Eastern Cape, on to the Western Cape, and eventually down to Cape Town, and back up via Sutherland. It was an amazing adventure with memories I will cling to forever. On the way down we went through Hermanus, an awesome village best known for whale watching and being just genuinely beautiful. We found this little viewing spot and had a picnic on a bench watching the waves crash in the bay. It really puts things into perspective. What do you think?

No. 3: It had been 2 weeks since my husband has been away on business. As is fairly common in Africa, we had a whole day of planned “electrical maintenance” where the electricity was officially switched off from 07.00am until 16.00, but actually it only came back on at 18.45. I was not impressed. Anyway, my original plan had been to go into town and find a fast-food outlet that was open for business being powered by generator. But by 10.30am I faced the fact that I was not up for dressing to be presentable in public, I was wearing my oldest cosiest tracksuit, no make-up and a pony-tail was the best it was gonna get. I then needed to make a plan to feed my children and decided that I was going to make a braai for us. I made an awesome fire, cooked the meat to perfection and rewarded myself/celebrated with a beer! Yay me!

No. 2: Prior to the awesome pic above, I realised that I needed to defrost the frozen chicken and the sun wasn’t defrosting it quick enough so I made a plan, as all ZimboChicks know how to do, and made my very own Weber Load Shedding Microwave! Voila …

No.1: The most popular picture from this past week is the blog post header image from my 3rd instalment of #ParentingWin vs #ParentingFail series, featuring the brilliantly funny Liz Deacon from itsadrama – please check out her blog if you don’t already know who she is. She is so funny! Thanks again Liz, you are awesome. If you want to be featured in the coming weeks, please get in touch.

As a Bonus one for this week, I wanted to share again my first ever sponsored post – 6 Things To Do In Bloemfontein for Under R50. I was super nervous before it went out, but it seems to have been well received so I’m chuffed. It was featured on the Cheapflights website and I’m really quite proud of it. Please check it out?

Much love all – have a blessed weekend.

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