I have very strong political views but I have tried to keep my opinions off this blog. However, I’m going to voice them today!

My tweet pretty much sums up my opinion on the US election! (At the time of writing this the results are not all in – it’s currently Hillary 215 & Trump 247.) 

Whilst I abhor Trump, I’m pretty much in awe of the lengths the American people are prepared to go to in order to affect change in their government. How tired or the corruption and politicking must you be to vote for Trump over Clinton with his appalling track record of racism and discrimination against women, etc. etc. etc. How desperate are they to give him and the Republicans control of one of the most powerful countries in the world? 

It’s even more dramatic than Brexit which I don’t think was that surprising! The Brits were sick of being told what to do by Europe. Whether that actually happens will remain to be seen but at least it was a clear message to their government. 

One of the driving forces in both situations though, was migration. 

On the flip side – Zimbabweans are ‘rolling over’ AGAIN instead of standing up to their corrupt politicians. Why? For the love of God … Why? Bond Notes will decimate the country even more than in 2008! Watch this space.

South Africa isn’t much better although they still maintain the illusion of democracy and freedom of speech. 

Zimbabwe doesn’t even bother with that. After fighting for so long for freedom they are now worse off than before Independence in terms of feeding themselves and their families, making them puppets of their leaders who swan around greedily taking more and more and more every hour! They have effectively lost their freedom by not excerciaing their rights! What rights you say? True! I pray for the future of Zimbabweans, more than the Brits and the Yanks. 

What a strange year 2016 has been. Is the world better off?