I got this text from my daughter’s teacher a couple of weeks ago! Needless to say I was at once mortified and proud! I’ve been sitting on this for about two weeks, half ashamed, but definitely amused! My secret is out … how will I move on?


Thank goodness she is also a mom and has a sense of humour. She has also now taught both my girls now so I’m pretty sure she had me figured out before this little gem from my youngest (and last) child! .

There’s more …

Unfortunately she also shared this story with ALL the other teachers at school so there’s really no point in keeping this exchange a secret.

I thought teachers were supposed to be as close to a priest in confessional as you can get? Obviously not when faced with such comedy gold!

Although if I’m to be fair, me drinking wine with ice in it is hardly a secret!

Have your little treasures ever dropped you it like this? Is your secret out? I’m praying I’m not the only one!

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