My Sneaker Sleeper has struck again.

Definition: A Sneaky Sleeper is someone who falls asleep when they shouldn’t be sleeping. It usually refers to children who take daytime naps really late in the afternoon when mom turns her back for two minutes, and then can’t fall asleep at bedtime because they are not tired. It also applies to husbands and fathers who sneak off to nap, leaving mom to deal with the kids on her own … again, but that’s a whole new post on it’s own, I won’t elaborate now. 

My youngest is a Sneaky Sleeper. She will be 4 years old next month yet I still have to watch her closely every afternoon between the hours of 14.30 and 18.00. That’s a long window to keep an eye on a child to prevent her from sleeping.

Why don’t I want her to sleep?

If she would sleep straight from school from about 13.00 until 14.00 that would be perfect, but she is never tired at that time. She only starts to get tired after 14.30. If she falls asleep any later than 14.00 the evening is a write off. She will then be wide awake unable to go to bed until around 21.00 leaving mommy with NO chill time!

I really don’t know how to get her to nap at a civilized time.

My eldest stopped her day-time nap at around 2&1/2 years old, and here is my youngest at nearly 4, still napping.

It drives me insane.

So today, when I am tired from all the cough and cold medicine I’m taking, and barely hanging on, with the single minded goal of collapsing the minute they are asleep which should be 19.30, she falls asleep at 14.45!

I have tried to wake her up but she’s not having any of it.

So yes, I have a sneaky sleeper.

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