a 3 Strike Superstition. Superstitious nature. Signs. Warning. God. The Universe. A mother’s intuition. Some might even call it Triskaphobia! Whatever you want to call it or whoever you want to credit it with, I have a ‘3 Strikes & Stop’ rule that I do my best to listen to. If you’re unsure what I mean by that, please do read on! This is a doozy of a story!

Trust your instinct!

When making important life decisions for me and my family, if there are three barriers on the way to our goal, I feel very strongly that something is wrong and it is the universe’s way of telling me to stop, wait, and maybe even rethink the situation.

My husband agrees with me when it comes to this because it has proved true so many times. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending which way you look at it, he is a very determined person. Once he sets his sights on a goal, he will do everything in his power to remove all barriers or blockages that are thrown into his path on his road to achieving his goal. For him to actually hear me I sometimes have to shout and scream and throw a tantrum before he will realise that what I’m saying is the truth.

Many years ago we found a house we wanted very badly. A number of barriers were thrown in our path during the process of getting our mortgage approved. We didn’t listen. We pushed ahead and ended up regretting it two years later when the housing market crashed (in the UK – 2009). Since then he has taken my pleas more seriously.

Road Trip Disasters

Last year we had a disastrous road trip back from an otherwise lovely holiday in Zimbabwe, and it was only after the 6th incident that I informed everyone that I and my children were not moving from that spot whether they liked it or not. To fill in some blanks, there were 2 families, the men were travelling on their motorbikes, and the women and kids in the car. We were attempting to get from Zimbabwe to Botswana on Day 1 then Botswana to South Africa on Day 2. Here is a list of things that went wrong that brought me to that point:

  • small bike accident the day before we left injuring our neighbour and my husband and delaying our departure by a full day.
  • A toll gate boom came down on the SUV and damaged it 130kms into the journey.
  • 2 of the 7 passports were lost and this was only realised at the Botswana border.
  • We nearly hit a black cow on a deserted road at night after we turned back to Bulawayo at 20.00 at night.
  • The following morning, the petrol attendant splashed petrol into my husband’s eyes while he was filling his motorbike up.
  • On eventually getting into South Africa the fuel attendant at the first fuel station filled up the Diesel Fortuner with Petrol.

It was at that point, after spending two days on the road already and only getting halfway, and then a further five hours on a fuel station forecourt with three kids under 10 years old, that I cracked. Thankfully everyone listened because in my opinion, we would never have made it home. It was the universe’s way of telling us to stop!!! We stayed the night in Musina and got home late the following evening – the last day of our journey was thankfully completely uneventful albeit two days later than planned. We’re still friends with them. lol

My 3 Strike Superstition

Let’s Call It What It Is – A Nightmare!

At the moment my husband and I are on strike 3 of another major decision in our lives and at this point, I feel like throwing in the towel. Maybe it’s wisdom or experience. Who knows.

What I do know though is that this urge to trust my gut has got stronger as I’ve got older, and now, I listen to it.

I do believe a lot has to do with becoming a mother. No one teaches you how to be a mother, we just do it. You can be taught how to change a nappy, or you read instructions on how to prepare a bottle of formula, but if you were left totally alone you’d figure it out. The instinct to care for your child is there for most women. The way you just know when something isn’t right. The way you just know … mother’s intuition.

As a way of ending off, I will say:

Don’t force something. If you have to force it, it’s not the right fit. – Me.

I’d love to know if you are superstitious about anything?