Hello to all my lovely regular readers, and those who are stumbling upon my blog for the first time.

I’m excited to announce that I have decided to start a new weekly feature where each week I will share your stories showing the contrast between the highs and lows of parenting. I’m looking for milestones, achievements, funny stories, traumatic meltdowns, embarrassing incidents, whatever it is that was memorable for you.  

For the #ParentingWin story it can be anything from finally getting your 4 year old to sleep in their own bed at night, to getting all your kids to school without anyone having a melt-down. The point is to share your winning achievement in parenting, however big or small it might be as long as it was huge for you.

For the #ParentingFail story, I’m looking for fun, entertaining stories that you may not have found funny at the time but you can laugh about now. Even if you still can’t laugh but you managed to just survive it, that’s what I’m after. The point is to share these stories in the hopes of making even one reader feel a bit better about their own fails at the time of reading. Parenting is hard and it is NOT #instaperfect or #pinterestperfect.

The loose format will be as follows:

  • A little introduction about you and your kids i.e. where in the world you are, how many kids you have, their ages etc.
  • Your best #ParentingWin story
  • Your worst #ParentingFail story
  • Pictures if you have – no big deal if you don’t. The picture doesn’t even have to be related to the stories you’re sharing, it can be a lovely family picture, there is no hard and fast rule here.
  • If you’re a blogger, you can send me the links to your social media accounts and I’ll put them on the post too.

The aim is to highlight the intense highs and lows of parenting and how, despite the beautiful Instagram and Pinterest perfect pictures that we all love to share and look at, the reality is not always so perfect.

If you want to be featured or share your stories, please let me know. This is open to any parent who wants to take part, not just bloggers. You can reply to this post or email me at: momof2littlegirls@gmail.com


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