I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Here are my top 5 reasons why to drink wine today:

  1. My husband is going away for work – for 5 weeks! *tears, pride, & fear of solo-parenting for that long!*
  2. It’s very cold. I hate the cold. Tomorrow will be colder.
  3. I have to spend an hour sitting outside my kid’s dance practice, on the floor, outside! – Did I mention it’s cold?
  4. After dance practice I have to go watch my eldests swimming practice at the gym – I’m pretty sure I’m wasting my money at the moment because she is an awesome swimmer now and the ‘lessons’ are more for her enjoyment than to teach her to swim. Then after the lesson I will end up fighting with her because she will not allow me to dry her hair before running out of their faster than I can run, *cue me chasing after her yelling like a mother who has lost control of her kids, garnering numerous judgemental looks from the gym bunnies with their perfect pony tails!*, out into the cold air where she will promptly catch a cold! Watch this space!
  5. I have a to-do list that looks like this and none of it has been done yet:

reasons to drink wine today

The one’s with stars on are my priorities! Isn’t my rose gold glitter Typo pen pretty?

What are your reasons to drink wine today?

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