Have you been looking at various online courses to change career? It’s a new year, and many people are having the same resolution of starting their own business. This is, of course, an admirable goal but can be daunting to someone who has never done it before. Fortunately, in this digital age we live in, there are many online courses to change your career or that can teach you how to start your own business.

Online courses offer you the opportunity to improve upon your existing skills, or simply give you a chance to understand something you might not have the time for to self-teach. Personally, I’m studying my Masters in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics and I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it feels to be investing in my own education again, at the age of 40. Remember, it’s never too late to try something new or to follow your dreams.

9 Online Courses To Change Career, or to Help You Start Your Own Business

In this post, we’ll look at 9 online courses to change career or that can help you start your own business, either as a course that compliments your existing skill, such as accounting or design or as a new career path such as a teacher.

content marketing

Study Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of content to attract customers to a company’s product or service. It’s is all about producing quality content in order to attract an audience and generate leads. A good content marketer will focus on creating valuable, engaging, and entertaining content that will help their target audience solve their problems.

One such area of education that has seen massive growth in recent years is online content marketing courses. These classes detail what SEO and social media presence entail and how to make effective landing pages and blog posts.

Learn Design 

Design is a process of creating a plan for something that will be built. It can be as complicated as designing an airplane or as simple as designing the layout of a page in a magazine.

The design process starts with an idea, which is then turned into drawings, sketches, and models. The designer decides how to make the idea happen and plans out the steps needed to create it.

Most people understand the importance of design in any situation, whether it’s visual design or user experience; many designers have created free courses on mastering various types of design across various platforms.

study software development

Learn Coding 

Coding is a skill that is in high demand and will continue to be in the future. This skill is used for designing, developing, and testing software. It’s also a great way to learn how technology works and get an understanding of the basics of programming.

Coding has also become increasingly important; whether you’re attempting to build your own blog or an app, knowing at least the basics of coding can be useful. There are also many courses being offered on sites that teach different types of languages that are often used for building things on the internet.


Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions, analyzing them, and preparing financial statements.

Accountants are responsible for ensuring that companies meet their legal or regulatory accounting requirements. A career in accounting can lead to a wide range of positions within many industries. The first step for someone interested in becoming an accountant is to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance from an accredited institution.

If you enjoy solving complex mathematical problems and creating budgets, and organizing finances, this may be the perfect career for you! Here, you can expect to work in both public practice and private industry environments. Accountants are required to complete studies as well as meet certain state licensing requirements before they can officially call themselves an accountant.

online courses to change career

Fitness Trainer

If you enjoy fitness and helping others develop a healthier lifestyle, then this career may be a perfect fit for you! Here, you can expect to learn more and work in both public practice and private industry environments wearing many hats, such as group exercise instructor, personal trainer, or wellness coach. To become a fitness instructor, you will need to complete compulsory courses based on your intended area of employment.

Personal trainers are professionals who help people with their fitness goals. They work closely with their clients and provide them with the motivation and guidance they need to achieve the desired results. Personal trainers use a variety of techniques and exercises to achieve their goal. They also provide guidance on nutrition, sleep, and other lifestyle changes that can help improve fitness levels.

Software Developer

The technology sector is constantly evolving so fast that it is hard for companies to keep up with the pace of change. This means that they need software developers who are able to write code for many different products and industries. Software development is the process of designing and building software, such as computer programs, applications, and web services. A software developer may specialize in a certain programming language or technology.

Here, you can expect high salaries with long-term job security, although gaining experience before receiving a high-paying offer is recommended. Software development jobs require at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or another related field such as Mathematics or Physics.


Everyone wants to be read! If you enjoy writing, this profession might be a good fit. Here, you can expect to work as a reporter or editor at a newspaper or news website. Journalism is a profession that deals with the collection, research, and distribution of information about current events. Journalists are responsible for providing news updates on different topics, interviewing people who have relevant information, and writing articles.

Similar to software developers and accountants, journalists are required to complete compulsory courses, including Journalism Fundamentals and Media Law.

learn to become a journalist

Data Scientist

Data science is a hot field with a wide range of opportunities. It is important to get the skills and knowledge required for data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. Data scientists are in high demand these days because there is a huge demand for people who can analyze vast amounts of data and extract useful insights from it.

Data science is a very broad field that covers many different areas such as statistical analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics etc. Data science also overlaps with other fields such as computer science, mathematics, social sciences etc.

Data Science is a high-demand job with many different career paths available. Some of these include Big Data Specialist, Analytics Expert, and Machine Learning Engineer. As no specific education was developed for data science, employers are looking for individuals who have strong analytical skills and can communicate their findings to technical and non-technical audiences.


Teachers are responsible for the academic development of their students, which is why teaching is a demanding profession. Here you can expect to work in public schools at all levels, including pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and adult education centres.

Becoming a teacher requires a bachelor’s degree in education. Once you have completed your degree, you can apply to be an educator in your state. To get certified, you will need to pass the state’s certification test. You can also earn a master’s degree in education and become an administrator or superintendent of schools if this interests you more than being an educator.

I hope these ideas have given you a few things to think about, whether it’s learning new skills to upskill yourself as you head down the road of self employed, or offer you alternative career options to start your own business.