We have been receiving complimentary issues of The Phoenix Comic books for about six weeks now, since the end of 2021. When they asked if the girls were enjoying it enough that I’d consider writing a review for them, I decided to put the question to my girls. They are now ten years old and eight years old, and if I’ve learnt anything in the last couple of years of parenting my strong-willed daughters, it’s that they respect the fact that I ask them before I sign us up to stuff.

As my girls get older, I’m learning to include them more in this blog. It’s no longer just my perspective on things; I choose to ask them what and how to include them. When asked to review The Phoenix Comic books, I decided to first consider the girl’s opinion before committing to the campaign. It was a resounding, “Yes, Mum, we love it. We’ll help you with the blog post review.”

We have received complimentary copies of The Phoenix Comic books, and this review is sponsored; however, all thoughts and opinions are my and my children’s.

Comic Books for Kids

So without further adieu, here are 5 ways The Phoenix Comic books are more than just a comic book!

Before I continue, let me just say that I personally love the way The Phoenix Comic is addressed to my girls. It comes to our home address through the post every week (we know how kids love physical post), and it’s addressed to “The Amazing A… and J… Crawford”. They argue that A is amazing every week, countered by “it’s just how they wrote it!”. Don’t you love sibling rivalry!? *When will the fighting stop?*

Anyway, on to more important matters … here are five ways it’s more than just a great comic book!

1. The Skills Hub: How To Draw Your Monster

A weekly guide on how to draw the ultimate monster is included in each weekly subscription of The Phoenix Comic book that arrives through your mailbox. Each week The Phoenix comic provides a step-by-step guide on how to draw different parts of your monster whilst also allowing you to personalise your monster, depending on your personal level of horrifying! Let’s hear from The Amazing A… what she thinks:

A: “The step-by-step guide makes it really easy to draw my own personal scary monster. I’ve decided to call mine “Storm” and her dragon power is she converts lightning into electricity to keep her nest warm and defend herself”.

learn to draw your own monster with The Phoenix Comic

2. Inkspot Challenge: The Puzzles page

In addition to the drawing pages, they have a page every week dedicated to different puzzles: crosswords, boxes, cryptic, what type of personality are you and spot the difference. I absolutely love the classic kids puzzle games that they are exposing kids to. Nevermind what I want to say, let’s hear from the equally amazing 10-year-old J… –

J: “I enjoy that they are difficult to understand, it challenges me to really think about the puzzles in a way I wouldn’t normally have to do.”

3. Comic Mini Saga: I Hate Pixies

Every few weeks, they start a new mini-saga comic strip. Spreading the story over a few weeks, depending on the story. My 10 year old really enjoyed the story of ‘I hate Pixies’. The Phoenix Comic tends to put out a new mini-saga running over two or three episodes, and then they start a new one. Miss J – (10) loved the one called “I hate pixies” at the beginning of January. I love how they write for the content to appeal to the worst, most tricky age group I’ve had to parent to date!

4. Fanfare: The Community Hub

Another great section of The Phoenix Comic is their fanfare page. It’s great to see ‘old school’ collecting and a community of like-minded kids enjoying something off-line! My girls love to see the creations that other kids come up with, be it drawings, merch or their comic book collection.

5. The Anticipation of the latest Phoenix Comic coming through the post every week.

A subscription comic book is a really great way to get kids to enjoy reading a story whilst also learning to appreciate the excitement of waiting for the next book to arrive to continue with their new favourite story. Personally, I think this is a great way to teach them patience and that you can’t have everything you want on-demand (like streaming your latest series).

At the risk of making their eyes roll listening to me, ‘in my day’ we had to wait for the next instalment, the top 40 charts on a Sunday, and the TV station to be available. On-demand is undoubtedly a luxury we have become accustomed to. Still, I do think there is value in learning that the best things come to those who wait, the joy of anticipation, and my girls love to receive their next Phoenix Comic subscription in the mail.

Inkspot challenge in the phoenix comic book

7 More Reasons Why Parents Love The Phoenix Comic Book

In addition to these five reasons to love the Phoenix Comic Book magazine for kids, are these seven other reasons to that parents will love it too:

  • The paper is recyclable, and it comes in a paper envelope too!
  • The frequency of a weekly subscription means it comes often enough to keep kids interested, but not too often that it feels like a waste of resources.
  • It’s cheaper than buying magazines in store. If you buy 26 comics at £59.99 it works out to £2.30 each, including postage.
  • No plastic tat to go with it like those expensive magazines in the shops that are loaded with ‘freebies’!
  • Screen Free entertainment #thegoalofallparents
  • It gets them reading something a little bit different to the novels and stories they read as part of school requirements, or even traditional library leisure reading, proper old school entertainment!
  • You can take them anywhere – the magazine that is, not the kids! Unlike thick books (that I cry when they bend or drop or fold), I really don’t mind if the kids haul their comics around wherever we go and I don’t weep over bent spines or folded corners, or even puzzles done in 3 different colours. Comics are great for kids who are rough with books!
  • The Phoenix Comic Book has different sections to it that keep kids engaged, from stories to fan pages, from puzzles to posters and of course – the skills hub!

How To Subscribe To The Phoenix Comic

If I’ve convinced you enough to subscribe to The Phoenix Comic, you can find all the details on their website.

I’ll be reviewing them every few months to see how the girls continue to enjoy their subscription to The Phoenix Magazine over on Instagram and Facebook, so do make sure you’re following me there, so you don’t miss the next update!

If you want to follow and keep up to date with The Phoenix Comic on social media, here are all the details:

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