#Ad: Half-Term is here, and we are in the countdown to Halloween. If ever we as parents were under pressure to find things to do to keep the kids busy, and happy, now is the time! Oh, and did I mention that the weather is about to take a turn for the freezing?!!! So I have been on the hunt for things to do indoors that will not only be inexpensive, but educational, and crafty, and fun! Yes, I know! That’s a tall order indeed! I have been scouring the internet for affordable online creative learning resources to help keep kids busy!

And then I discovered Mrs Mactivity!!!

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What Is Available?

Mrs Mactivity is a website that has loads of free online resources to download. In addition to the creative freebies, they also offer an annual premium subscription that allows you access to everything on their website for the affordable price of £9.99! For the year!

They  have so many different craft and learning creative resource to download.

Halloween Themed Creative Resources

This week we will mostly be making use of their Halloween themed downloads. They have everything from paper pumpkins to Halloween paper chains.


Other Learning Resources Available


The other resource that I have downloaded is the Summer Puzzle book. What I loved about this is that majority of the booklet is the same but it has been adapted to suit the different age groups. So for my youngest, I downloaded the Year 1 summer activity booklet, and for my 7-year-old I downloaded the Year 3 one. When we sit together and work through it, they can both be on the same activity in their respective booklets, but the level of difficulty is appropriate to their age.

This is a win for me!

The other resources that I look forward to exploring more are the handwriting downloads, available in both pre-cursive and cursive, and the phonics activities. As I have said in previous blog posts, education is key for me, and if there is something I can do to help my girls learn and have fun, I will do it!

Online Resources For Teachers

All these online creative resources have been created not only for students but for teachers as well. They have a whole section dedicated to resources for teachers to make use of for their students in class. You can check out their blog posts on Classroom Display Ideas. And as I said, there are loads of creative freebies.

I could go on and on, but I really do think you just need to go on to their website and start making use of the fun and learning level appropriate resources available! Anything that incorporates crafting and learning for me is a win!

Happy Half-Term Halloween everyone!


I also need to point out that all these online creative learning resources are available worldwide and by signing up to the subscription service your fee will be charged in your local currency depending on the exchange rate on the day!

Disclaimer: I received a year’s free subscription to the Mrs Mactivity website in exchange for my honest review of the website and resources available. All thoughts and opinions are my own.