Yes, a shameless quote from the iconic movie – Footloose. #iloveKevinBacon as well as an extract from Ecclesiastes.

Now I’m am not the most religious of people, I have my faith but I normally keep it to myself, and a lot of the time I rely on my own moral compass to steer me in the right direction. Nevertheless, events have been building around us in our little family life in recent weeks.

Today I contemplated pulling my girls out of one of their numerous end of year concerts. Why? Because SOME of the adults & parents attending are not people we socialize with and are actually people we go to great lengths to avoid in social environments, for many reasons.

Then we contemplated not checking on a close family member post major op, because we knew that another estranged family member was with him.

I felt like a wave washed over me, a wave of enlightenment (or maybe that’s just the wine talking) but I am so sick of tip-toeing around other people! Why?!

So I think I shocked my husband. I told him (I never actually ‘TELL’ him anything) two things:

1: that the girls will be attending their concert. Why should they miss out on something they have been working on for the last few months because of adult politics? It’s not fair on them or their teacher.

2. He will make the check-up call he was itching to make and screw whoever may be hovering around in the background!

What’s the point of my rant today – Don’t allow circumstances, or other people to stop you from doing what’s right! Even though it may be hard for you, or awkward, or down-right uncomfortable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Dance if  you want to dance; call if you want to call; go if you want to go; stay if you want to stay! Just remember, there are consequences of your actions, as well as your inactions!

Result: my kids will be happy no matter how awkward it is for me, and my husband is happy he connected with the family who matter, and he is satisfied.

I guess it all depends on what you want, and having the courage to do what you believe is right!

All pics borrowed from Pinterest!