My kids have been looking forward to ‘daddy’s Christmas Party’ since Halloween was over. Actually it’s his work’s end of year Christmas Party. It’s really great, they included all the spouses and kids too. Last year we all went to a local Game Ranch for a great lunch and other activities including game drives, guided walks etc.

This year they’ve gone BIG and we are going to a hotel where everyone gets accommodation, and there is a long list of activities to choose from: white water rafting, cocktail treasure hunt, massages, clay pigeon shooting etc. And they have a kids zone where there are carers to look after the kids so the adults get some time off. To say I’m ecstatic is an understatement!

It also happens to coincide with the first ever Free State Flower Festival.

Daddy is going white water rafting – which I’m really trying not to sulk about because I can’t do that due to my new hips, so I will have to go for a boring massage (I may not be winning at the not sulking thing). My plan is to let the girls play hard in the morning while I have a massage, then I will take them to watch the flower parade in town and then spend an hour or so wandering around the stalls at the festival. Then hopefully they will get an hour’s nap before the evening do.

The evening function is a cowboy theme party. If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I have attempted to sew the girls’ outfits and they have come out really really well! I can’t wait for them to dress up with their little gingham skirts and matching bandanas, boots and hats!

In my efforts to ‘doll’ myself up I went to get my hair done at the hairdresser instead of getting a DIY colour from the pharmacy. I asked for CHOCOLATE brown, stressing that I didn’t want it too dark, rather a rich brown colour. What I got was almost black! I am trying to get used to it, and after 3 washes with the cheapest shampoo I can find (hoping that it will strip some of the colour), it is looking a bit better.

My husband gets so mad that I don’t go and complain when I’m unhappy with a service I have received. What am I meant to do though, go in and say, “I don’t like this colour, redo it!” The answer is probably “yes”, but I am the most unconfrontational (yes, I know that’s not a word but you get the gist) person you will ever meet! I’d rather just live with it and never go back there, than go in and maybe cause a scene! Sorry my love, you know it’s true.

Sunday will no doubt include some recovery from anticipated over indulgence in wine. And as all parents know, no matter how late the girls go to bed after dancing the night away, they will be awake by 06.30am! So there’s that too.

I’m really looking forward to our weekend. Look out for a review next week.

As an aside, have you seen the trailer to Jennifer Anniston’s new movie Office Christmas Party – it looks hysterical! Lets hope this one is a little bit more civilized!