There are so many benefits to being outdoors, but sometimes we can all get a bit bored of the same old ones we always do. Getting stuck in a boring repetitive routine can demotivate kids and before you know it, you’ll have to drag them out of the house. So here are a few simple ideas of outdoor activities for families to enjoy together that you might not have considered.

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7 Outdoor Activities For Families

Taking up outdoor activities for families is a great way of getting your kids to appreciate the great outdoors. It can also be a chance for bonding and potentially a chance for you and your kids to exercise and stay fit. Below are just a few great outdoor activities to try with kids. 

Cycling or Scooting!

A bike trip with your kids could be a great way to keep you all fit. It could also be a way of exploring your local area faster than you would be going for a walk. If you’re going on roads, you’ll need to make sure that kids are competent cyclists first. Alternatively, there are carriages and seats that you can buy for taking young kids with you on your bike. Biking is a great outdoor family activity too. However, it doesn’t have to be a traditional bike, you could always opt for scooters such as these Stunt Scooters which look like so much fun!

outdoor activities for families cycling

Flying a kite

Kids of all ages can have a go at flying a kite. It could be the perfect activity for a windy day. It’s also a very cheap activity – kites cost hardly anything to buy (you could even try making your own)


Fishing could be another hobby to try with your kids. You can take a trip to a local river or lake and compete with each other to catch fish. It can teach kids patience and get them to enjoy the great outdoors. There are lots of online guides that you can check out if it’s your first time fishing. You could even try guided family fishing trips or fishing lessons.


Camping can be a cheap vacation and a great way of getting closer as a family. You can get kids involved in building the tent, starting a fire and doing various other tasks.

There are many different forms of camping to try. Wild camping is the most rugged form of camping – it involves pitching up a tent in the wilderness (no toilet facilities or local wi-fi). At the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s ‘glamping’ – this involves staying in a pre-erected tent with facilities such as plug sockets, lighting and raised beds (ideal for those that want a bit more luxury). Personally, I think this is one of those things every family should try at least once, it’s a whole weekend outdoor activity for the family.

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As outdoor activities for families go, gardening is one of those things that most of us can try, even if your garden is on a windowsill in your apartment. Getting the kids involved in growing plants is great fun.

Gardening could be a way of enjoying the great outdoors from home. You can get kids involved with gardening by allowing them to look after their own plants. This could include anything from sunflowers to a strawberry plant. 


Looking for a watersport to practice with kids? There are many options to consider from surfing to kayaking, but paddleboarding is perhaps the most flexible and kid-friendly. This involves standing on a board and directing yourself with a paddle. It can be practised on a still lake, on a river or in the sea. In all cases, you’ll want to wear life jackets and possibly wetsuits if it’s cold. There are family classes that you can take to learn how to paddleboard.


You could also consider teaching kids how to rollerblade. This is a fun activity that you can try on your street without having to venture far. Ensure that you’ve got all the right safety equipment (e.g. knee pads, elbow pads, helmet) before trying rollerblading. You can shop for kids’ rollerblades online.

My girls have both got Heelys, which they absolutely love! They are basically trainers with wheels underneath that they can then scoot along in. Check out this video here to see what I mean.

I hope you’re inspired by this post to try some of these fun outdoor activities for families. I’d love to hear from you what your favourite outdoor activities is that you enjoy as a family.

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7 Fun Outdoor Activities For Families