As a homeowner, you likely already know that wear and tear on your property is inevitable. However, there are lots of problems that you should try to avoid so that they don’t become too costly to repair, such as cracks in your walls or ceilings. Read on for some advice on how to avoid cracks and leaks in your home…

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Asses the Gutters

This may seem like the last thing on your to-do list, but it’s actually quite important. Sometimes gutters can become clogged with things like leaves and other debris, and might even become damaged during harsher weather, so it’s important to assess them and check they are doing their job correctly. In instances where they have become clogged, rainwater may spill over onto the walls of your home which can cause various problems.

Protect Your Foundations

Your home’s foundations probably aren’t something you really think about; out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. However, if they are affected in some way, they can wreak havoc in the building above. This flood defence foundations company recommend that you protect your foundations by ensuring the soil around your property is neither too moist nor too dry.

This is because soil that is too wet expands and puts too much pressure on the foundations, whereas dry soil shrinks and the foundations can shift into the new space. With this in mind, be sure to water your lawn during hotter weather, and ensure your drainage is adequate enough during periods of heavy rainfall.

Check Your Roof

Damaged or missing roof tiles can lead to leaks in your home, so it’s important that you check them once in a while to ensure everything is as it should be. If any do happen to be damaged or missing, get them replaced as soon as possible. There are companies that can do this for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing so yourself.