Encouraging your child to think about how others might be feeling and why, as well as how their actions impact people, is an important way to promote kindness, tolerance, and patience. It’s all part of being compassionate, which will help your child in many ways. Here are some tips for raising a compassionate child from pre-prep school in North London.

Demonstrate Kindness at Home

If you want your child to behave in a certain way, the best way to teach them is to model that behaviour at home. So, try to demonstrate compassion and respect. Consider other people’s feelings, always remember your manners, and try to apologise if you do slip up occasionally or lose your temper. As a result, your child will learn the right ways to be kind and respectful to others.

Praise Compassionate Behaviour

Whenever you notice your child showing kindness to others, like sharing their toys or taking turns nicely, be sure to praise them at let them know what they did right. Explain to them how that compassionate behaviour would have made the other person feel more comfortable and happier. Likewise, if your child is unkind to another, let them know why that is wrong and how it would have made that person feel. 

praise your childs efforts

Help Your Child Understand Body Language

A person’s body language says a lot about how they feel and actions often speak louder than words. If your child can read how another person might be feeling based on their body language or facial expressions, they will be better able to act accordingly. For instance, if they recognise that someone is sad, they might offer a shoulder to cry on, a hug, or a helping hand. These actions will help them become more compassionate. 

Volunteer in the Community

Community involvement will allow your child to understand more about the struggles that other people go through, which will help them empathise and become more caring. For instance, you might want to volunteer with them to raise money for homeless people or people who are terminally ill, which will encourage your child to put things into perspective and try to treat people with kindness at all times. After all, nobody knows what another person might be going through at any given time.