Today I have a lovely guest post with some great tips and advice on how to revitalise your child’s bedroom. As kids grow older they develop their own sense of style. Whilst it’s always a bit tricky trying to manage their expectations, letting them have a hand in redoing their bedrooms is a great way to encourage them to express themselves.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.

Here’s just a few ways you can revitalise your child’s bedroom.

How quickly do children grow out of things? Their clothes, shoes, toys, and perhaps most expensively, their bedrooms. If you’re not looking to redecorate the whole room, but simply make a few updates, there’re plenty of options you can consider. Here are a few tips for how to revitalise your child’s bedroom, that won’t cost the earth.

Wallpaper a bright feature wall

Adding a feature wall to a child’s bedroom can be a nice way to brighten up the room without making the décor too busy. Don’t feel you need to stick to children’s wallpaper. Many pretty wallpaper patterns will work in a child’s bedroom, and you won’t have to worry about the decor becoming too babyish.

If you’re not sure how to wallpaper a wall, there are plenty of easy options such as paint the wall, and peel and stick products. This cuts out a lot of the messy pasting and sticking.


Paint a rainbow

If a feature wall sounds like a good idea, but you’re really not keen on wallpapering, how about painting a rainbow instead? This will not only add a splash of colour to the bedroom but will make it feel cheerier and more positive.

This is a great way to use up bits of leftover paint that you have lying around the house. If you don’t have any leftover paint to use, order small sample tins of different colour paints to create the rainbow. You can either paint a rainbow mural over the whole of one wall or simply pick a small section, perhaps over the bed to paint your rainbow.

Add Some Wall Art

Another way to revitalise your child’s bedroom is to add some cool wall art to your children’s bedroom. Be it a a wall hanging, a framed print, a canvas or a tapestry. Wall art is an inexpensive way to bring colour and expression to a room. Get the kids to help pick out their favourite picture and get it hung up on their bedroom wall.

a reading nook for kids

Create a secret reading space

If your kids love to read, or you would like to encourage them to read more, why not create a secret reading space? A children’s play tent or teepee is an easy way to create this. You can add fairy lights and cushions to give it a cosy magical feel.

Alternatively, you could try hanging a canopy above the bed for cosy bedtime stories. Kids love to feel enclosed in a private space, and anything you need to do to encourage a love of reading is worth it.

Organised storage

If your child’s bedroom is simply starting to look messy or cluttered, adding some new storage elements may help. Colourful storage boxes, baskets or cubes are popular because they’re versatile and make it easy to sort items. Here are some easy ways to minimise your clutter that will help, we all need a little help.

A great tip is to keep storage at your child’s height, so they don’t have an excuse not to put their things away. Some simple storage units come with castors, making them easy to move around. This can be a good option in a small room where there’s not much floor space.  Toys and games can be wheeled out and away again with ease.

I hope these tips on how to revitalise your child’s bedroom were useful. Personally, I think that kids tend to embrace their own sense of style around the age of 7 years old. If dealing with a 7-year-old’s emotions isn’t bad enough, they start to have extremely strong views on colour schemes, layout, design and everything else too it would seem. These tips above are great for making their rooms something that they would feel they get a say in, without having to commit to something forever.