Road trips are a great way for kids to explore and learn about their country, and even other countries. They’re also a great way for families to bond and spend more quality time together. However, any type of trip can be stressful, from the planning to the actual execution of the trip. Here are three tips for planning a successful road trip for a family with kids to make sure that you and your kids enjoy your holiday.

#1: Choose a Fun, Scenic Road Trip

Kids can become bored very easily, especially when riding in a car for hours. One way to ensure that your road trip is successful is to take a scenic road trip with a lot of interesting and exciting things to see. It also helps to enjoy some activities and attractions during your road trip, taking a much-needed break from riding in the car. Here are some examples of fun and scenic road trips that your kids will love.

Road Trip Northern Cape

Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip

What better way to do a road trip than to expose your kids to some national parks? While in the Blue Ridge Mountains, start at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, then end in the U.S.’s most popular national park: The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Both parks sport incredibly beautiful scenery and fun activities. In between parks, there’s the Roanoke Pinball Museum in Virginia, the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, and several historic landmarks.

Florida Keys Road Trip

The Sunshine State, located in the southeasternmost tip of the U.S. follows Highway Route 1 for 160 miles, so this is a trip that can be done in a day. However, it’s much more fun to stop and experience what the Keys have to offer along the way. This includes activities such as the Everglades National Park, interacting with dolphins in Key Largo, and having your kids learn about what they can do to help save sea turtles while visiting the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida.

Other Road Trips

You know your kids best, so you know exactly what they would enjoy seeing and doing on a road trip. You also don’t have to limit your road trips to the U.S. Some of the best road trips around the world include the Great Ocean Road in Australia, the Ticlio Pass in Peru, and Route 62 in South Africa.

#2: Make Sure Your Car is Ready for a Long Trip

Before you hit the road, you should perform a car maintenance check. You can do this yourself, or take your car to a trusted mechanic for the maintenance check. This way, the chances of you running into car troubles during your road trip is significantly reduced. Maintenance and following simple safety driving tips for a minibus , these tips also apply to a family car, will all help insure a safe road trip.

Additionally, you should also be prepared in the event that you do run into car trouble. Buy or create an emergency car kit that will come in handy if you break down. It should include things like:

  • Car charger for your phone
  • Duct tape
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Jumper cables
  • Reflective triangles
  • Spare tire, jack, and wrench
  • Tool kit
road trip for a family with kids

#3: Make Sure YOU are Prepared for a Long Trip

Because you’re driving, you’re going to need a driver’s license to legally drive on the road. You’re also going to need your vehicle registration information and valid car insurance. If you’re caught driving without any of these, there can be serious consequences. If you’re concerned about car insurance rates, you can always research different car insurance companies to find the best rates.

You’ll also need to bring a lot of snacks and entertainment for a successful road trip with your kids. Aim to bring their favorite toys and books, along with their favourite healthy snacks and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, buy or create a first-aid kit with all of the essentials, such as:

  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Bandaids
  • Cotton balls and Q-tips
  • Eyewash
  • Gauze
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hot/cold packs
  • Important medications
  • Tweezers

Also, make sure you and your kids have dressed appropriately for the weather. Depending on where and how far you’re travelling, you may need to bring clothing for all four seasons, plus an umbrella, rain jacket, and rain boots.

Ceres, South Africa

First and foremost, safety is the key to a successful road trip, so make sure that your car is in good condition, and you’re prepared for the unexpected. A fun road trip allows for plenty to see and do along the way, and a comfortable road trip means that you’re enjoying the ride. If you can achieve all of this, then you’ll have a successful road trip with your family.