I thought I’d share with you 7 signs I’m getting older. Lately, I have been feeling older. I guess 35 isn’t old, but it isn’t young – is it middle age? I’m not sure. Maybe not. When I think about living until I’m 70 that doesn’t sound old, but I do feel old. Anyway … there’s not much to about it I guess. That’s one of the things we can’t ignore in life, the fact that there’s nothing you can do about the next day, the next week, the next year, it’s inevitable.

Here are a few signs I’m getting older: 

Judging the younger generations

I caught myself tutting and rolling my eyes when I saw a local high school girls (field) hockey team doing their practice session, mid-afternoon with a huge speaker blasting rave music (do they still call it that? maybe it was dance, I don’t know … ) across the field, and none of the girls had matching kit! “In my day” everyone went to practice in their school uniform kit, and there was not a speaker blasting music. After I thought about it a bit I realised, there really is no harm in the music, maybe it makes the girls enjoy themselves more, and so what if they don’t all have the same kit, the kit they were wearing was respectable, practical and fun. When did I become such an old fuddy-duddy? I mean, I was a teenager in the 90s!


Fashion Fads

I recently bought a pair of 3/4 length jeans that had rips in them. NOT great big holes over each thigh and bum cheek, just a few cheese grater scrapes and maybe one little slit. After wearing them a few times, I am now so tired of a number of the people we socialize with (who are mostly already older than me by at least 5-10 years) asking things like: “Why are you wearing ripped jeans? Can’t you afford to get a decent pair of jeans?” – said in jest, but a few too many times now.

I think I must just get rid of them. I can’t be bothered defending a ‘fashion’ that I don’t totally buy into, when in fact I only bought them because they fit me nicely around my bum and go well with my favourite t-shirts for mums! I think the simple fact that I’m considering getting rid of the jeans just to not have an argument qualifies as two signs I’m getting older.

Unpopular Music

Kristin McCarthy wrote a post on her blog ‘Four Princesses and the Cheese’ called “Popular Songs That Can Just Die Now” which I LOVED! I really don’t even want to hear the lyrics of MOST songs in the charts anymore. I actually cringe when my kids sing along because what they are saying is disgusting and totally inappropriate! What happened Taylor – does nice not sell as much as dirty? Obviously not. Thank goodness the girls have no idea what they’re saying half the time and don’t always hear the right thing either, or else I’d be getting some questionable looks off people when they sing “I’m in love with the shape of you, your push and pull like a magnet too … ” – Thanks Ed.

Wrinkles & Other Physical Signs I’m Getting Older

There are other obvious physical signs too: never mind the aching joints, inability to get up off the floor gracefully, but the tiny little frown line my wedding make-up artist covered up with a little powder on our wedding day is now uncover-able! I really don’t want to point fingers at my husband or the kids … but the crater speaks for itself!

Another part of the physical signs is needing to get some checks done more often, like hearing and eye tests. People tend to need reading glasses as they get older. Luckily I can still choose some glasses that are more ‘my age’ if I do need to get them, looking online will be time and hassle wandering around the shops and you can see the great collection that there is to offer. Then I can make sure they suit me and my age. 


The Benefits Of Getting Older

Here are a few of the benefits of getting older!

  • My ability to spot bullshit a mile away is quite good these days. I’m not such an impressionable, gullible, trusting little princess anymore.
  • I tend to get very annoyed lately, mostly when people dismiss me or underestimate my intelligence. That usually happens when someone sees me as a simple unworthy Stay-at-home-Mum / house-wife with no career of my own. I enjoy making sure they don’t do it again. Ten years ago I may have let them persuade me that I am an unworthy silly woman.
  • I guess the best signs I’m getting older are that finally, at the age of 35, I simply don’t care what other people think of me anymore. I don’t care if they judge my looks, my hair, my life, my car, or more fundamentally important issues like my political opinions, my kids, my life choices, my decisions, or my lifestyle. Their opinions just simply don’t matter.

I’m turning 36 this year. I’m still young, with a lot of miles still to travel, lots of lessons still to learn, but with age has come a certain amount of self-confidence that I Love! I’ve decided to embrace the signs I’m getting older. I look forward to what is to come!