There have been a lot of posts recently about how mom’s need to look after ourselves and not get swallowed up by being a mom. How we mustn’t neglect our own needs etc. Well this is my version of that post.

We all know what it’s like, the parent who stays home with the kids or gets home from work first usually makes dinner for the family.

Dinner … easy right?


This one doesn’t eat that; that one won’t touch that; this one needs more carbs; that one needs less – I even wrote a whole blog post about this back in the early days of my blog: Thinking of what to feed them … Every. Single. Day!

Trying to find the perfect meal to suit 75% of my family is more complex than trying to figure out the annual state budget of a developing 3rd world nation!!

Why 75%? Well, there are 4 of us, so 1 x husband and 2 x children need to be made happy or at least not – because lets face it, moms will eat anything if it takes the burden off deciding what to feed them all even slightly)

Occasionally (maybe once a week) my husband stays away for work, and on those days I feel the noose has loosened.

I’m not blaming him for the ‘noose’ but with an additional 25% consideration removed from the equation I am free to cook a simple meal for the kids and myself whatever I want.

The kids will quite happily eat chicken nuggets/chicken pops/pasta every night as long as there is either tomato sauce or cheese with it; none of which are suitable meals for a grown man who is doing amazingly well with his new healthy eating plan!

Proud wife brag – He has lost 16kg since the 1st of January.

As I was saying … on the nights when he is away, I get to make myself whatever I want and eat it whenever I want.

What exactly do I want?

Toasted Cheese and a glass of wine.

Yes, my favourite meal for me and me alone is toast with melted cheese on it.

To ‘jazz’it up sometimes I add spring onions, or garlic & herb seasoning, or Aramat, and sometimes I even go crazy and dip it in sweet-chilli sauce.

I either eat it with the kids, and make an extra piece so I don’t have to share mine with them, or I eat it when they have gone to bed … again, so I don’t have to share.

Please don’t think I’m being a b*tch, it really is as simple as this: if I had made them toasted cheese for dinner, they would NOT have eaten it. BUT … because it’s what I’m eating, they want some hence the extra piece I do for them so I don’t get annoyed with them … it’s what’s best for them really! Am I winning at parenting? I think so!

I’m pretty sure many of you are judging me hard right now. I don’t care. Look how divine it is:


So, if you can cook yourself anything you want for dinner, without having to take anyone else’s wishes into consideration, what would you make for yourself?

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