Yes, you hear that right; I’m 40. I don’t think I mentioned it on here, but I turned 40 earlier this month. Something that’s started to bother me recently was the look and feel of my skin. So when Skinstation asked me if I’d like to review some products for them, I jumped at the chance. Skin care now I’m 40 is something I am prioritising, along with my gut health, and hoping it’s not too late.

GIFTED | I was sent the products in exchange for my honest review.

My Skin Story Up To Now – Skin care now I’m 40

I grew up in Africa in the 80s and 90s. My parents tried to get me to use Sunblock, but it wasn’t a priority like it is these days. To top it off, I had freckles and frequently sunburnt my face. It was impossible to not go out in the sun. The very lifestyle you live in Africa is outdoors, swimming, active, in the sun. I’m not making excuses or blaming anyone at all, it is what it is, and you can ask anyone who grew up in Africa, and they’ll all attest to how it is. Many people don’t even use Sunblock.

growing up in africa

In my late teens and early twenties, I also had quite bad acne, and I treated it with quite harsh medication, which did work, but the scars from years of picking spots are evident. Oh, and I also once got chickenpox when I was 26, which was horrific and left its mark on my face too.

Now to look at me, you’d probably never guess the latter two, but the sun damage is clear to see. I’m not a particularly vain person, and I accept that the damage is done.

For the past 20 years, my skincare routine has been okay, not great, always room for improvement, but I do my best to protect my face from the sun; I wear hats and apply sunscreen or foundation that includes spf15. I also use the best moisturiser that my budget can afford at the time. But recently, I’ve noticed a loss of elasticity, and I’m starting to get those brown age spots. Fortunately, the freckles help disguise them, but I know they are there. Here are a few pictures of my face taken before I started using the products.

Skinstation Products to Review

When Skinstation asked me if I’d like to review some products available from their online store, as I said, I jumped at the chance. The consultant I was dealing with asked me a few questions about what I was most concerned about for my skin, and after taking on board what I said, she sent me three products to try out.

  1. Obagi Medical Professional-C Serum 10%
  2. Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel
  3. Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask.

I’ll review each of them separately. Please note that I have only been using them for two weeks.

Skinstation skin care products

Obagi Professional-C Serum 10%

This product was recommended for me based on my concerns about anti-ageing, sun damage and reduced elasticity in my skin.

What they say:

A dermatologist favourite, these serums offers the highest concentration of L-ascorbic acid and are said to deliver significantly better penetration into the epidermis and dermis than most vitamin C serums. Obagi professional C serums contain a powerful punch of the powerhouse antioxidant that helps reduce skin inflammation, irregular pigmentation, and promote healthy collagen production. Visible signs of ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles are caused by tiny molecules known as ‘free radicals’. 


What I say:

I love this. It comes with a little dropper, and you apply a few drops of the serum to your face and then rub it in with the tips of your fingers. I was warned that it might result in some stinging and redness, but I didn’t experience any of that. I loved how my skin felt afterwards. After about a week, I could feel my skin was starting to tighten a bit.

It’s quite expensive, certainly more expensive than anything I’ve ever bought for my skin. The Obagi Professional-C Serum 10% retails at £71.47; however, the bottle will last for a while because you only use a few drops at a time, and it does spread well. It also comes in 15%, 20% and 30% serum strengths. When this bottle is finished, I might up the strength to the 15% serum.

Dr Dennis Gross Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel

This product was recommended to me based on my concerns about my pores being quite large.

What they say:

Dr Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel exfoliates away dulling, uneven cells to diminish dryness and smooth out the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Powered by hydroxyl acids, this facial cleansing gel exfoliates, removes make up and impurities while reducing the appearance of the pores.  

Source: SkinStation

What I say:

Again, I absolutely love this product. It’s a cleansing gel that I use to wash my face. They recommend you lather it up in your hands with some water and then apply it to your face. I love the silky smooth feel of it and the fact that you can feel the lather on your face. So many facial washes wash off as you’re trying to apply it, but I could really feel this on my face. To wash it off simply rinse with clean water. As skincare products go, a good face wash is essential, and I think it would be hard to beat this one.

Has it made my pores smaller? I’m not sure two weeks of use is enough to repair a few decades of wear and tear, but I still love the feel of it and will be replacing this myself when it’s finished. It comes in a 60ml bottle and retails at £17. Again, this is quite a lot more than the typical drug store face washes, but you can feel the difference on your skin, and I genuinely love it.

Dr Dennis Gross C + Collagen Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask

This is the Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Biocellulose Brightening Treatment facemask that I was sent to try to compliment the other two products and to give an added boost of hydration.

What they say:

This new Dr Dennis Gross C+Collagen Biocellulose Brightening Treatment sheet mask is enriched with Vitamin C to help nourish and revive the complexion with repeated use.

Source: SkinStation

What I say:

The package says you should ideally use it once a week. I received one, so I used that one and didn’t have the opportunity to use it as recommended. However, after using it for 15 minutes as recommended, I did feel like my skin was feeling softer.

This facemask retailed at £17. Personally, as much as I did like it, I’m not sure I’d spend £17 a week on a facemask. But it was lovely to try.

Here are some pictures of my skin after using the products sent to me for two weeks.

Thank you to SkinStation for gifting me these products for the purposes of this review: Skin care now I’m 40. Please note that all images are my own and may not be used without my permission.

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