It’s Sunday. We are bored. I’m trying to keep them off the screens, out of the African sun and doing something together that technically shouldn’t cause any fights!

So we made homemade paints using the first recipe I found on Pinterest that I had all the ingredients for. The recipe is a work in progress for now because what looks like thick poster paint is actually quite watery. 

Anyway, they had fun and it kept them busy for a whole 15 minutes! Yay me!

Homemade Paints DIY Motherhood

Basically it was 1 cup of flower, 1/4 cup of salt, and 3/4 cup of water. I mixed up that mixture, then divided it into the containers I had. I then added the different food colours to each pot and gave it a mix. Voila. Eazi peezi.

Linking up to #mysundayphoto for the first time.