The ‘Lazy Queen’ would be me. It’s a nickname that wasn’t given to me out of love, shock shock. It has, however, become a standing joke between my husband and I. Silver lining and all that. Anyway, I tend to use it to refer to myself when I actually am being lazy. Today would be one of those days. The subject matter – finding a banana bread recipe for which I already had all the ingredients so that I don’t have to haul the kids to the supermarket with me! A chore we all hate! It somehow always involves me yelling things like “get up off the floor”, “don’t touch that, it’s glass”, “stop licking that”, and the usual “Noooooo!!!”.

Banana Bread

So anyway, I baked banana bread with the girls today. It’s a recipe I’ve used before. Thanks to the joy that is Pinterest, I have actually managed to NOT lose the recipe too!

Copycat Starbucks Banana Bread Recipe From My Frugal Adventures.

Amazingly I had almost all the ingredients required, except the walnuts, but I can live without that.

A few pics of how baking banana bread went:

banana bread dough
making banana bread with the kids

FYI: 325 degrees F  is 162 degrees C.

I baked it for the full 70 minutes. It was still a little soft inside but it tastes super yummy!

Enjoy! It’s definitely a winner this one!