A few weeks ago, we redecorated most of our bedroom. My husband painted the walls, we made our very own DIY Hanging Headboard, we bought new curtains, new bedding, etc.  Along with the new bedding, my husband decided to get us some new pillows AND some throw pillows for the bed, which previously I had successfully avoided getting because really, what is the point of throw pillows?

*Can you see me shaking my head in despair?*

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of throw pillows. In fact, before Christmas, I even recovered our old tired sofa throw pillows myself, and I love how they turned out.




Getting to the point of my rant here … stay with me …

The reality of life as a throw pillow in our house is that they are … (wait for it) …THROWN all over the place!!!

Not sure what I mean?


Here are few ways that Throw Pillows are used in my house:


  • To throw up at the Aircon unit to tilt it so that the air blows directly down onto us (husband);
  • To beat each other with (the girls);
  • To throw at the birdcage when the birds won’t stop squawking incessantly, usually because the kids are fighting and screaming and neither the birds nor I can take it anymore! (me);
  • Because the floor is jealous of the sofa having ALL the cushions so it must have them too (the girls – this is surely what they must believe … why else are the cushions on the floor, and NOT ON THE SOFA?)
  • To trip me up** (husband and girls – the only other possible reason they are always on the FLOOR!?!) – This is most effective if they are left on the floor in the dark!
  • For the cats to sleep on (Well, the small one. The big one is bigger than the pillows and so he doesn’t bother trying) – this is acceptable for me, and quite possibly the only legitimate reason for having throw pillows in the house.


I’m not sure any of these are the reasons people should actually buy throw pillows?


I am sure the real reason we got all the extra throw pillows is that they decided that I don’t have enough to do with my day, so let’s get some more pillows so that I can spend every night taking them off the beds, and every morning putting them back on the beds, and all day long picking them up off the floor or tripping over them!


If you think I’m over-dramatizing this issue, let me break it down for you.


Master Bedroom – pax 2 ppl :- 2 Kingsize Pillows, 2 Normal Pillows, 4 Throw Pillows … NONE OF WHICH WE SLEEP WITH! Why? Because the new pillows are too hard, and we keep using the old ones to sleep with so the 8 that are on the bed during the day are on the floor at night! **Refer to the point above about tripping me up!

Kids Bedroom – pax 2 kids & 1 cat: 2 pillows per child, plus 3 throw pillows per child (two of which they made themselves the other day so I can’t really get rid of them).  They sleep with the oldest flattest pillows, which mean that there are 8 pillows on the floor in their room at night too!

Spare Room – pax 1 cat: 6 pillows (2 original and 4 old ones that were put there when we got the new ones but we keep taking them back to our room every night because the new ones are HORRIBLE)! None from here end up on the floor, but really, what does a cat need with all those pillows. And let’s not forget the two ‘cat beds’ that the cat’s don’t use! It’s okay though, it is The King’s bed anyway, he can have whatever he wants because he’s my first and best-behaved baby.

Isn’t he beautiful? Mommy’s baby.




Lounge – 3 throw pillows that belong there, plus a few more from each room at any given time, usually found on the floor.

So anyway, I give up now. They might start disappearing one by one … my husband never reads my posts, but I’ll let you know if he notices.

As an aside, the total number of times I used the term ‘Throw Pillows’ in the posting: 10! Less than the number of them that are in my house!

So I ask you, what is the point of throw pillows, other than to drive mummy insane?!


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