I am in hysterics watching the Sky News Presenter try explain in ‘simple terms’ to the UK viewers how the £ ‘crashing’ due to a Hard Brexit will mean that you need more £s to buy the same car you were eyeing out in Germany last month. Or how they will get less € for their holiday to Malaga this summer compared to last year. 

I really don’t think many understand. Or if they do, it’s certainly not something they ever expected to happen.

Welcome to the real world, where the rest of the earth’s humans live, where exchange rates are a part of every day life!

It’s not something many of the Brits have actually had to even consider in the past. I almost feel sorry for them.

I remember last year it was around £1:R22, now it’s £1:R16.40 … and yes, 40c counts when the shoe is on the other foot.

So if we pay £100/month to the U.K. from SA, it used to cost us R2,200. Now it only costs us R1,640. Do you know how much a saving of R560 is? Huge.

Anyway, no need for them to panic, I’m sure it will go back up eventually. 

Yes, yes! I’m a cynical bitch! ?

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