Last week I decided to start a Saturday Gratitude Check-in series. It’s more of a reminder to myself that even though adulting, parenting and life in general is hard, we need to remind ourselves that there is always something to be grateful for. This week I am grateful for my husband.

You can check out last week’s post where I spoke out how I was grateful for early morning cuddles with my girls, because basically it means that I am loved by them, even if it’s usually too early in the morning to be awake!

Back to my husband. Don’t get me wrong, he is a demanding person with extremely high standards! I often joke that I must be the most perfect woman on the planet, because only the most perfect woman in the world would be good enough for him!

The Story Of Us

We have been together for 12 years, married for 8. We have made it through some very tough times financially. Somehow we survived the frequent moves across continents and countries – nothing tests a marriage quite like moving day! Working away from home is really tough on everyone, but we made it through that too, even though I may or may not have lost my sanity a little, home alone with two under 3 is not easy! We even survived my PND!

Through all of that, we are still together, just doing our best to make each other happy.

I Am Grateful For My Husband

Here is a short and incomplete list of reasons why I am grateful for my husband:

  • His high standards keep me on my toes!
  • He is an incredibly hard worker, and even though he has to work away from home sometimes, I know he is doing it for us and our future.
  • I get to be a SAHM and, even though we have to make sacrifices for that lifestyle, we are doing it together for our kids and our family.
  • He makes me angrier than anyone else on the planet, but as quick as I am to anger at him, he’s that quick to make me laugh, even in that moment when I’m still angry at him, he can still make me laugh, which just makes me angry again. #marriage
  • He supports me, encourages me and pushes me to be better, do better, and to achieve what it is that I want to achieve for myself, my sanity, my passions.
  • Despite the fact that I am naturally submissive to him (deal with it feminists), he has always pushed me to be able to do anything and everything without him. This includes managing the household finances, wiring up the TV system and even changing a tyre, if I have to. I thank him for all those things!

What I am most grateful for is that he puts me first, always. He loves me, respects me, respects my opinions and we make decisions about our future together.

Thank you my love. Here’s to the next 12 years, at least!

p.s. Don’t forget Valentines Day is on Wednesday!!! hint hint!

marriage quote grateful for my husband

Who Else Is Grateful?

Part of this series is linking back to other bloggers who have taken up the Saturday Gratitude Check-in challenge. I only launched it last week but I already had a link!

How To Take Part

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Have a great weekend everyone, and remember to be grateful for your husband, or wife.