With remote work setups becoming an option for most companies, many mothers are preferring to work from home (WFH) most of the time. Perhaps this is primarily due to the freedom and flexibility that remote work offers, which allows working moms to manage the household better and spend more quality time with their children. 

But while such a work arrangement helps mothers achieve a healthier work-life balance, one downside is that it can impact their daily dress-up routine. Without the need to get out of the house and interact with superiors, co-workers, and clients in person, it can be tempting to wear pyjamas or loungewear all day instead of casual but appropriate work outfits. Although this may seem like a non-issue, it’s worth pointing out that clothing can affect one’s behaviour, mood, and productivity. Staying in pyjamas all day can cause the brain to want to relax instead of focusing on what needs to get done. As such, moms working from home should pay more attention to their outfits.

Perhaps you’ve been in a fashion slump since you started doing remote work, so you’re looking for ideas to elevate your work attire without sacrificing comfort. Or maybe you’re just unsure of what to wear. Either way, continue reading, as this piece will offer several tips to help you create a stylish WFH wardrobe that will make you look and feel good as you face a busy workday.

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Opt for Comfortable and Stylish Leggings As a Stable Item in your stylish WFH Wardrobe.

As a mom, perhaps your only chance to sit still in your home office is during virtual meetings. Other than that, you’re probably juggling various activities all day, from doing household chores and playing with the kids to attending to your work assignments and answering client calls. Because you’re practically on the move all day, consider wearing high-quality women’s leggings as an alternative to pyjama bottoms or sweatpants.

Leggings are ultra-comfy and offer freedom of movement so that you can sit, stand, run, and shift between different activities effortlessly. They’re also flattering, stylish, and versatile, not to mention having the ability to pair well with practically all types of tops. With leggings as your go-to WFH bottoms, you can stay comfy while looking professional. They also ensure that you’ll be ready to head out the door at a moment’s notice if there are errands to run.

Invest in Stylish Tops

Because the upper half of your body is usually the only part seen during online video calls and meetings, you may want to invest in stylish tops that exude a professional vibe. For regular meetings or brainstorming sessions, you can opt for smart-casual pieces, such as a white button-up shirt, a dark blue collared sweater, or a blush tunic. 

But if you’re video-calling clients or meeting with company bigwigs, you may want to wear something dressier. Wrap tops, blouses with large collars, and business tops are great choices. You can also have a dark-coloured structured blazer on standby since it can readily help you appear put-together. 

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Include Dresses in Your Work Outfit Rotation

Aside from stylish tops and bottoms, you may also want to include dresses in your WFH outfit rotation. After all, dresses are naturally flattering, practical, and comfortable. Styling them is fuss-free as well. Wear one, and you instantly look polished and feminine—perfect for boosting your confidence and looking great during virtual meetings and video calls. More importantly, dresses hug your body just right with a fit that allows you to do chores, look after your kids, and attend to your work tasks comfortably. 

When shopping for WFH dresses, opt for pieces made with machine-washable fabrics like cotton or polyester. That way, you can simply throw your dresses into the washing machine after wearing them instead of sending them to the cleaners or washing them by hand. You may also want to choose styles that complement most body shapes, such as an A-line smocked midi dress, a maxi dress, or a wrap dress. If you prefer sleeveless pieces, consider wearing them under a blazer or a suit jacket during online meetings for a more professional appearance. 

Use Accessories to Elevate Your Style

Another easy trick to creating a stylish WFH wardrobe is making use of accessories. Statement necklaces, pearl or hoop earrings, chic headbands, and similar pieces can instantly transform any look from ordinary to fabulous. 

Let’s say you went out to run an errand wearing a casual black t-shirt and jeans, and you no longer have time to change for an important online meeting as soon as you arrive home. You can just put your hair up in a neat bun and wear hoop earrings, and you’re all set. Remember that less is more when it comes to accessorizing. So, if you’re already wearing statement earrings, you may want to skip the headband or necklace. 

Looking good and maintaining a professional appearance as you work from home doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing comfort or limiting your choices to traditional suits and work outfits. The key is choosing dressier yet comfy alternatives, then accessorizing and styling them well to create a polished look. While creating chic WFH outfits may take slightly more time and effort, the results are worth the trouble. Because when you look great, you’ll become more confident, be in a better mood, and feel more motivated to work and fulfill your mommy duties.