To my darling husband,

As you know I am not a materialistic person. Yes, I like nice things but in the grand scheme of things, I would rather live in a nice house than have a Louis Vuitton handbag; I’d rather go out and have a nice family lunch than buy expensive makeup; I would rather have a day out adventure than get my hair done, and I would rather get a new potted-plant than a bunch of flowers that will die.

I will stop now.

So what are our options?

With Mother’s Day coming up soon (It’s in your diary) I thought I would put together a few ideas of how I would like to spend Mother’s Day this year.

  • Lunch out – but not the same place we always go … maybe even just a different branch.
  • Day out with the kids, somewhere where they can play but where I don’t have to.
  • Watching a movie. Even if there aren’t any animated movies at the cinema, staying home for a movie day would be good.


I’m pretty open to anything really as long as we follow the following set of guidelines to maximise my mother’s day enjoyment:

  • I don’t want to cook.
  • I don’t want to clean up after.
  • I don’t want to plan or decide what we do.
  • I don’t want to fight with the kids about appropriate clothing!
  • I want us to do something as a family.
  • It would be great if it’s something or somewhere new.

Some advice on how not to mess up my Mother’s Day:

  • If you decide on a restaurant, maybe book in advance!?
  • If you go out on the bike I will sell it!

Thanks my love, looking forward to an awesome Mother’s Day, whatever you plan.

Lots of love,


p.s. If all else fails, a lovely gift card from amazon would be much appreciated!