Are you looking forward to planning that well-deserved breakaway? With the covid-19 pandemic, you may have had to wait a little longer than usual to go away somewhere hot and exotic. With places reopening and flights now being allowed, you can start ticking locations off that travel bucket list once more. It’s time to book that relaxing family vacation you all deserve.

If you are taking the children as well, that requires a little extra planning. You need to decide where you are going to go, there are so many places available nowadays that are child-friendly. You might be wanting a destination that has a children’s club available so you and the other half can get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Children’s clubs provide lots of fun, safe activities for your children and are a great place for them to make some friends. 

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This handy guide will provide you with useful information so your trip goes as smoothly as possible, for that relaxing family vacation.  

Why Go For A Relaxing Family Vacation Over Adventure?

The first reason is that it will make everyone happy. A relaxed atmosphere is key to creating memories that will last forever. When we’re tense and struggling with sleep deprivation, this isn’t possible.

Second, it’s good for our mental health. Spending time with nature and slowing down helps us relax and lower levels of stress hormones that can contribute to anxiety and depression.

Third, it’s good for kids’ health too! Research shows that children who spend more time outdoors have better reflexes, more active brains, less depression and anxiety than those who don’t spend as much time outdoors.

5 Essentials for that next Relaxing Family Vacation


Entertainment Will Save Your Sanity!

Before you go you need to decide what you will be taking to keep the children entertained. This includes both on the journey and while you are away. You can make some plane packs that contain fun and stimulating activities for your children to do. These can be bought online or you can make them yourself. You can mix and match what goes in, as long as your children have fun that’s all that matters. You can put colouring books and crayons in, some lego sets, or travel games depending on their age. 

Another great tip is to fill an iPad with their favourite tv shows or films, again depending on age. This will keep them happy and distracted while on the way to your destination. Remember to pack chargers in your luggage as well, you don’t want the battery to run out while you are away and not be able to use it during the vacation or on the way home, 

educational shows for kids

Sunscreen Is Key

Sunscreen is a vital part of a holiday and one of the essentials that mustn’t be forgotten, although it can be purchased from where you are staying. Skin is very delicate, especially children’s skin so it needs to be looked after and cared for in the right way. The sun’s rays are very harmful and prolonged exposure can permanently damage skin cells. Covering you and your child with sunscreen will provide protection from the sun’s rays and allow you to play and enjoy your relaxing family vacation without worry. 

However, if you do suffer from some sunburn make sure you have a good quality after sun available. This is a cooling lotion and usually contains some form of aloe vera to help the skin repair. 

relaxing family vacation

Pack the Right Clothing

The place you are staying, if it’s a hotel, may not have on-site clothes washing facilities so you will need to ensure you pack enough clothes for the duration of your stay. However, if you are staying in a self-catering private house or villa then there will more than likely be a washing machine for you to use. The problem with needing enough clothes for your trip is you risk your suitcase being too heavy on the airport scales. You can buy scales specifically for weighing suitcases, which are very handy and portable so you can take them with you. 

If you are due to go to a warm country then you will want to pack the swimwear for both you and the kids. Why not treat yourself to some new swimming costumes or bikinis as women’s swimwear is gorgeous this season. A holiday is a great excuse for some new items of clothing, grab the kids some summery stuff while you are shopping. 

Don’t Forget The Towels

Finally, this is a common question. Do you take your own towels with you? Some resorts will supply you with towels not only to use in the hotel room but at the beach and pool as well if you are lucky. Some have a card that you take to the towel hut and they provide you with new towels every day providing you return the old ones. 

If the resort doesn’t supply these then you can either bring them from home to use or you can purchase beach towels while you are away. The problem with packing towels is they weigh quite a bit more than other articles in your suitcase. If you buy them while you are away you also have a lovely souvenir reminder of your relaxing time on vacation with the family. 

take towels on your family vacation

Create An Itinerary For Your Relaxing Family Vacation!

Creating an itinerary for your next vacation can be a daunting task. You have an infinite amount of choices on where to go, what to do, and how long to stay. One option is to create a series of checklists that will help you stay organized and plan for your trip. Get the kids involved in this. Do some research about what activities are available, and schedule them out for the duration of your stay. This will ensure everyone knows what’s available to do when you get there and avoids wasting time considering what to do or worse, missing out because you didn’t book in advance. It’s a lot less stressful, wasteful and relaxing to be prepared in advance.

We hope you found this useful and gives you some ideas of what you need to remember to pack when you go away for your relaxing family vacation. If you’re looking for an essential guide of what to pack for a family road trip, I’ve got you covered too. Just remember, the main ingredient of any fun family holiday is to be organised!