When you think of going on holiday, a family break in the UK isn’t usually at the top of your wish list. Although going on holiday in your home country might seem like a more affordable option, some places (like the UK) are often more expensive than going away somewhere overseas. Being a family and going on holiday in your home country might seem like a might better option as it means no airport nuisance and being close to home if an emergency happens. However, it might put some families off when they see the price. 

Yet, this guide will share all of the best places to go on a break as a family in the UK, which won’t break the bank. From a weekend in Cambridge to a week by the beach, here are the top UK family travel destinations. 


Should you and your family enjoy blue seas, golden sands, and the ocean breeze, then you should know that you don’t have to travel overseas to attain that. You can find these exact desires in Cornwall. 

Wherever you live in the UK, Cornwall might be quite far away. However, sharing the same car will be much cheaper than paying for train or plane tickets. Hence, transportation will be cheaper. 

Likewise, there are many accommodation options in Cornwall that will not break the bank. You can find great family-friendly holiday homes in Cornwall that are budget-friendly. Which, there are homes that are of all sizes to accommodate more intimate groups or large families. 

In Cornwall the family can enjoy:

  • A VR experience: In Penzance, the family can enjoy a day out at a virtual-reality arcade. This is a fun experience for people of all ages. No matter if your children love gaming or you want to have some fun, a VR experience will always satisfy everyone. 
  • Monkey sanctuary: The family can enjoy a delightful afternoon at the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary. You can enjoy a guided tour and let your little ones experience monkeys in the wild.
  • Boating: At Coronation Park, you can take your kids to the lake and enjoy a blissful day in nature. You could take your own picnic and explore for the entire day. 
  • Castles: Cornwall is home to lots of stunning castles, which are great for people of all ages. You can let your children learn a little history while you soak up some adult time taking in new architecture. 
  • Beaches: Cornwall offers some of the UK’s most stunning coastlines. You don’t need to travel overseas to enjoy blue seas and beautiful sands. You can find it in and around Cornwall, including Fistral Beach, Kynance Cove, Great Western Beach, Perranporth Beach, and more. 

The Lake District

For families that enjoy exploring beautiful nature walks, cliff walks, and more adventurous activities, then the Lake District is the ideal place. Here, families can find holiday homes at affordable prices. Or, go the extra mile and be true adventurers with tents. 

The Lake District is home to some of the most stunning lakes, walks, and outdoor activities. You could take a week to relax or use your time to go on daily hikes, venture on forest trails, or take the children for days out on the boats. 

You really do not need to spend a fortune on a family holiday in the Lake District. It can be as expensive or as affordable as you want. There are a variety of top hotels and restaurants. Yet, you can make it cheap and cheerful with a holiday home and your own food. 

Some more ideas for family activities at the Lake District include:

  • Ghyll scrambling. The Lake District offers ghyll scrambling, which is a great activity for the entire family. You will scramble downhill, through rivers, and over rocks for the utmost fun. 
  • Paddleboarding. For more water activities, whoever enjoys water sports can spend the morning or afternoon paddleboarding down the lakes. 
  • Abseiling. For anyone that enjoys heights, then the Lake District offers many abseiling opportunities. 

A Family Break To York

For more of a city break in the UK, you and your family could enjoy a trip to York. Here, you can spend a couple of nights or a week. There is a lot to do in York that will satisfy the entire family. 

It can be cheap to get to with the option of trains or driving yourself by car. Then, for accommodation, you can choose between hotels, Air Bnbs, or guesthouses. There are plenty of affordable family-friendly accommodation options. 

Some great and affordable activities for family activities in York include:

  • Museums. York is home to many museums from the National Railway Museum to the Chocolate Story. Hence, you can intertwine some fun as well as education into your child’s holiday.
  • York City Walls. York is home to a city wall, which is 2 miles in length, which makes for a great walking day out. 
  • Shambles. For a little shopping and exploring of the city, York is home to the Shambles. You could spend the entire day here with your family or visit each day to look at different shops and restaurants. 

Great Yarmouth

Going on holiday often makes people think of the beach. Hence, Great Yarmouth is another great UK beach destination for families.

There, you can find stunning and affordable holiday homes for the entire family to sleep and have fun in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings between beach days. 

It is accessible by car as well as train. It is not too far for families that live in the South East, which can make it even cheaper. 

Great Yarmouth offers stunning beaches as well as other activities, including:

  • Mini-golf. Everyone loves mini-golf, and Great Yarmouth offers various mini-golfing activities. Hence, when the weather goes grey or you need to entertain the child after a long day at the beach, mini-golf makes for the perfect activity. 
  • Historical walks. As well as beautiful beaches, Great Yarmouth is also home to many stunning walks. Hence, you can stretch the family’s legs each day with a new and historical walk. You can educate them while making them active. 

We love a good road-trip so have had the great fortune to visit many of the places listed above, but there are so many amazing things to do in the UK as a family that we are already planning our next family break in the UK.