A school uniform is a marker of a school’s identity and gives children a sense of community. They promote equality and reduce distraction in the classroom, which is one of the many benefits of school uniforms. My girls might not tend to agree, thanks in part to too many American TV shows showing children wearing whatever they want to school. However, in this post, we will discuss the benefits of a school uniform for children and why I think it’s a good idea.

I will caveat that statement by saying that a school uniform shouldn’t cost parents an extravagant amount of money. It should be practical, durable and affordable, and have enough options to be comfortable for the children who wear the school uniform in their learning environment.

What’s the official line on a school uniform?

A school uniform is a type of clothing that has been adopted from a standard design to be worn primarily by students of a particular school or educational institution. The uniform is usually worn daily and distributed at schools or school uniform stockists in the local area. A uniform can also be used in some cases as a marketing tool, so individuals who are not students at the school recognise those students who wear the uniform (and hopefully if they are well-behaved exemplary students).

The benefits of having uniforms in schools have been debated for many years, but research has shown many advantages to wearing them. We have teamed up with a sixth form in Hampstead to share 6 benefits of uniforms for children. 

The 6 Benefits of a School Uniform For Children and Parents

There are several benefits of a school uniform for children and for parents. Here are the 6 main benefits discussed in detail.


A uniform protects children in school and outdoors as they can quickly identify who belongs to their school community and who doesn’t. This can also help teachers identify any intruders or visitors on school grounds to assist them with safeguarding.

School Uniforms Are A Deterrent for Bullying

As children are obliged to follow the same dress code as everyone else, bullies are unable to make comments about the fashion choices of others.

FYI – this is anti-bullying week in England and Wales (15- 19 November). Find out more about the anti-bullying week 2021 and their theme of ‘One Kind Word ‘.

Fewer Distractions

While there might be an uproar of students claiming that uniform restricts the expression of their identity, it can help improve their studies. Distractions that prompt conversations about where to find items and lead to glances across the classroom are reduced.

It also avoids a situation where some students have a higher purchasing power in their household than others, which, again, can lead to discrimination, bullying and a class system that is not a healthy part of the school society and structure.


Fashion choices contribute to 10% of the world’s carbon footprint, with 85% being dumped every year. Uniforms are a significant deterrent for clothing waste as children and parents aren’t exposed to the pressure of keeping up with societal standards and trends. Clothing items like blazers are even kept for a few years, which helps to reduce further wastage.

Fewer Expenses for Parents

Arguably school uniform isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, but it can help parents reduce their clothing purchases as there is no need to keep up with trends. Fortunately, there are several different options available for each school, and parents do have a choice of where to shop for uniforms, depending on their budget.

Personally, the one school uniform item my kids seem to go through the quickest is school shoes! I feel like the cheaper shoes don’t last as long, but the expensive ones still suffer under the wear and tear!

A Sense of Community and Belonging

A uniform connects students and creates a community that must work together to uphold a reputation. This can encourage children to work hard during school tournaments and act sensibly when representing their school on a school trip.

Growing up, our school uniform was a huge source of pride for our school, and it was a massive part of our school identity, pride, sense of belonging and school community spirit. I know my kids feel the same, and it’s one of the main benefits of a school uniform.

In Conclusion: The Benefits of a School Uniform for Children

A school uniform has its place in society, not just for the children who wear it but also for the school and the parents. As a parent, one of the main benefits of a school uniform for children not yet discussed is that it removes the daily struggle of what to wear. My kids take forever to get dressed anyway, so adding in the battle of deciding what to wear is not something I believe we could deal with daily, it just would not fit in my strict morning routine!. Uniforms remove that obstacle which leads to a smoother morning routine for them and me, of course!